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What helps against the cherry fruit fly?  |  > – Guide

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Maggots in homegrown cherries are unappetizing. They come from the eggs of the cherry fruit fly. How can the infestation be effectively prevented?

by Ralph Walter

Many hobby gardeners despair because maggots are stuck in the cherries from their garden. These are the descendants of the cherry fruit fly. This fly, which is only about five millimeters in size, is active in late May and early June and pierces the unripe cherries with its small stinger and lays its eggs in them.

Maggots feed on the pulp

Larvae develop from these eggs, which then feed on the pulp of the cherries. If you are not careful and simply put a sweet cherry in your mouth, you may eat a maggot unnoticed.

Pick up cherries and take precautions

To break the cycle, no cherries should be left under the tree.

If you have maggots in your cherries this year, you should first collect all the cherries lying on the ground under the cherry tree and then spread a large fleece under the tree so that you can easily dispose of any more cherries and larvae that fall from the tree. The maggots crawl out of the cherries and pupate in the ground under the cherry tree. When the flies hatch next spring, the cycle begins again.

Yellow panels against cherry fruit flies

Yellow boards can prevent cherry fruit flies from infesting the fruit.

If you want to go one step further, you can also hang special so-called yellow boards on the cherry trees. Because it may be that some maggots have made it into the ground. In addition, cherry fruit flies can also come from other gardens. To prevent this, hang up two panels per meter of tree in spring. The flies use the color yellow as a guide: instead of flying to the still yellow cherries, they head for the yellow panels coated with a special adhesive and stick.

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With a bit of luck, anyone who plants early cherry varieties such as “Burlat” or “Early Korvik” is ahead of the cherry fruit fly: by the time the maggots hatch, the fruits have already lost their yellow color and are no longer so attractive to the animals.

Close-meshed networks help

All of these can help contain the infestation. If you want to prevent maggots in your cherries even more reliably, you can buy special, close-meshed nets to wrap the cherry tree in. It’s so dense that the little cherry fruit flies can’t get through.

Further information

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