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“What I did to Clinton is because I had mental health problems” – Libero Quotidiano

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Monica Lewinsky, 23 years after the scandal with Bill Clinton, said she suffered from “severe mental health problems” during her relationship with the former US president while, in her twenties, she was doing an internship at the White House.

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The woman, now 48, confessed in a podcast interview The Axe Files of the US TV channel CNN. The investigation into the scandal, which led to Clinton’s impeachment procedure, the Messenger reports, caused her to have “suicidal thoughts” in the wake of her outbreak in 1998. “I couldn’t see a way out. And I thought that maybe that was the solution, “he told his interviewer, commentator David Axelrod, who was baffled. Lewinsky confessed that she even asked, “What would happen if I died?” to the attorneys who worked for the then American judge Kenneth Starr.

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In her current reflection, Monica Lewinsky said that at the time she would need “a psychologist” to deal with that crazy scandal. Lewinsky’s comments follow the American premiere of the series Impeachment: American Crime Story, a new series on the Lewinsky case that chronicles the Bill Clinton sex scandal, which nearly cost him the presidency of the United States.

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