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What is asked of Alexa: here are the questions of the Italians

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What is asked of Alexa: here are the questions of the Italians

How to best celebrate World Voice Day on April 16? Revealing the questions made by Italians to Alexa in the first months of 2022, between history, current events and entertainment. It goes from “Alexa, when it is Pompeii destroyed?” or “how old is Queen Elizabeth? ” to travel, telling users of the seven wonders of the world. Sanremo was among the most discussed topics and among the questions asked to Alexa on the subject, the most popular was who won Sanremo.


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The age of the participants also generated a lot of curiosity among Italian users, especially that of Gianni Morandi, Blanco and Ornella Muti. There were also many questions on current affairs and politics such as, for example, on the occasion of the re-election of the President of the Republic, many users asked how old is Mattarella. More recently, many Italians have asked Alexa what’s happening in Ukraine, who is Putin e what does Alexa think of this situation.

The numbers tell us that in three years Alexa in Italy has generated over 5 billion in 2021 and the number of active users grew 80% year on year.

Alexa didn’t work in Italy and the rest of Europe for about two hours

by Pier Luigi Pisa

Many of the requests from users in Italy also concerned calendar events and holidays. In fact, among the most popular questions we find “what is missing from summer ” with “when it’s Easter?” e “When is Mother’s Day?”. Sporting events also aroused a lot of curiosity among users, who asked how the Olympics went and the upcoming matches of the favorite teams, in particular “when does Juve play? e “When plays the Naples?”. Alexa through her voice was able to satisfy even the requests of the smallest among imitations of lions and crocodiles and reproduction of children’s songs.


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