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what is happening, where and what symptoms

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  • Strange gastrointestinal infections in Central Italy, 200 people with fever, illness and dysentery. Alarm from the health authorities

    Two hundred people were seized by fever, illness and dysentery due to a mysterious one gastrointestinal infection. It happened in the past few hours a San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore, a small town in the province of breaking latest news in which a mini health emergency was born. At the moment, as reported by Notizie.it, the local ASL in collaboration with a laboratory is analyzing drinking water to find out if there is the cause of these chain infections. Any contamination of the water would make it necessary, at least for a period of time, to boil tap water or directly to use bottled water. It will all depend on the outcome of the tests. THE BEST REMEDIES TO CURE SORE THROAT AND COLD

    Councils from the Municipality

    The infection has not only affected Valentine’s Day but also Hull, a neighboring locality in which another twenty cases have been recorded. Sample checks are still underway on the populations affected by the infection, carried out by family doctors and by sending a kit for the collection of feces and the marking of any enteroviruses. The Municipality of San Valentino, as anticipated, recommended boiling the water before using it until further notice. “Positive – said Mayor Antonio D’Angelo – there is that the symptoms pass quickly, within 24-36 hours, and we have no cases of hospitalization “. INFALLIBLE METHODS TO SLEEP BETTER

    Carnivorous infection spreads rapidly across Australia: urgent health alert issued

    Another disease, called “carnivorous”, is spreading across Australia and health authorities have been forced to issue an immediate health alert. New cases of Buruli ulcer have been detected in Australia, in the Essendon, Moonee Ponds and Brunswick areas of Melbourne. The infection is usually detected in coastal areas, but it is feared that it is now spreading to non-coastal areas of the country. This skin infection can lead to injury, and those affected may need extensive surgery if the disease is not treated, as reported alertageo.org. BRONCHIOLITIS EPIDEMIC COMING FROM FRANCE? ALL THE DETAILS


  • The carnivorous disease

    Researchers are still trying to find out how Buruli’s ulcer spreads to humans. Speaking on ABC, Professor Tim Stinear, of the Doherty Institute in Melbourne, said: ‘It is a meat-eating disease, but it progresses very slowly. It is a carnivorous disease, but it evolves very slowly, we can cure it and that, if we detect it in time, it is not a serious infection. The alarm was raised after more cases were identified in Australia.

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    The health alarm

    Australian Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has issued a health alert. Buruli ulcer is caused by bacteria that become toxic within the human body. Bacteria also affect the immune system and cause inflammation and skin damage. At least 33 countries with tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates have reported Buruli ulcer in Africa, South America, and the western Pacific regions. How is the disease transmitted?

  • How is the disease transmitted?

    The mode of transmission is unknown and there is no prevention. The local health organization goes on to state that “although the organism causing Buruli ulcer is an environmental bacterium, the mode of transmission to humans remains unknown“.

    The toxin that damages the skin

    The body produces a unique toxin, mycolactone, which damages the skin. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to minimizing morbidity, costs and preventing long-term disability, which could occur in the most severe cases of the disease, doctors explain.

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