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what is the disorder that occurs in the Rem phase

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Omicron runs very fast and infections increase. If until recently we knew very little about the new variant with the boom of positives, research makes new discoveries. Thus new symptoms emerge that had not previously been observed. The latest report from the worrying variant strikes at night during sleep. Little is known about Omicron yet but we do know that it is a highly transmissible variant and that the symptoms are very different from those seen so far in the other Covid variants. According to the National Health Service, the common symptoms of the Sars-Cov-2 virus are high temperature, sore throat, persistent cough, loss or alteration of taste and smell. Omicron is different. The lightning-fast variant has been described as milder and similar to a cold. Despite this, some Omicron sufferers have reported new symptoms describing how “Nightmare”: sleep paralysis.

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Omicron, sleep paralysis the new symptom

Sleep paralysis is when you feel like you can’t move or speak at some stage of sleep. To better explain the disorder, the NHS thought of it: «Sleep paralysis is when you cannot move or speak while you wake up or fall asleep». This condition occurs when a person cannot move their muscles because they are in the off mode while the brain is active. The disorder can affect people in any stage of sleep and sometimes even cause hallucinations such as the feeling that someone is pushing you down.

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What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon of dissociation (a so-called parasomnia) characterized by the inclusion of the physiological paralysis of the muscles characteristic of the REM phase which occurs in a moment of transition between wakefulness and sleep. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is that phase in which dreams occur: an intense activity of the brain that continues to be in on mode counterbalances the paralysis of the voluntary muscles, which serves to prevent the body from making uncontrolled movements during this moment of transition.

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From the point of view of symptoms, one suddenly has the impression of being awake but as if paralyzed. This sensation lasts a few seconds but can be perceived by the subject who suffers it as very prolonged and associated with a feeling of intense fear or dream images.

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The opinion of the experts

Although it may seem «terrifying» for anyone who tries it, the NHS, the UK’s national health system, has ensured that the symptom is harmless and that to most people it could happen once or twice in their life. For a minority of subjects it is repeated more often and in this case it can have a more significant influence on the quality of life in general and on the subject’s sleep.. While this symptom may be linked to the virus itself, experts do not rule out that sleep palaysis could also be a side effect of the increased stress caused by lifestyle changes imposed by the pandemic.

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Can it be prevented?

Usually the rare episode of sleep paralysis is terminated by an awakening stimulus: someone touching us, a small noise or the spontaneous evolution of the disorder. Paralysis cannot be prevented if it cannot be controlled by sleeping for an adequate number of hours.

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Omicron, here are the symptoms

Symptoms previously believed to be common with Omicron are: sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache and muscle aches. In short, as if it were an influence. Now the nocturnal paralysis also comes out but another nocturnal symptom of Omicron is sweating. Other symptoms reported include congestion, brain fog and skin rashes.

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Omicron mild form, but watch out for no vax

Most of the symptoms of Omicron have been described as mild, but Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who first sounded the alarm about the new variant, noted that headaches and muscle aches can occur more violently in the unvaccinated.

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