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what it is and how to protect your health

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what it is and how to protect your health

The swine flu returns to worry Italians after a recent alarm. We understand what it is, what are the symptoms to recognize and how to protect health.

After 13 years from the swine flu epidemic that has hit the world, the fear of a new spread of the virus is emerging among the population.

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A few days ago bad news came to disturb souls and thoughts Italians. A 17-year-old girl seems to have died in Perugia due to theswine flu. In addition to the sorrow for the broken young life, memories emerged of the four hellish months of 2009 – from April to the end of summer – in which they died among the 100 thousand and 400 thousand people due to the same virus. In reality, seasonal flu type A has never left us, it has simply transformed in an endemic disease. It is therefore a disease constantly present in our territory that can lead to both symptoms dear what consequences more serious. Covid, too, could soon become an endemic disease – or at least that’s the hope of scientists. In any case it is good to know better i sintomi what it involves and how to take it to protect your health.

Swine flu, what it is

The name swine flu comes from the fact that it predominantly affects the pigs. The passage of the disease from animals to humans is not taken for granted e it does not happen by eating cooked meat. Yet transmission can occur especially if the pig is very sick and there is direct contact. The contagion between an infected man and a healthy one, on the other hand, is much faster and hence the ease of beginning of an epidemic. Just think that in 2009 it all started in Mexico and in a few weeks the infections also started in Europe.

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Being similar to a common flu, transmission occurs with an old man, with nasal secretions, saliva. The incubation is about 4 days, after which they begin to manifest the first symptoms which can resolve spontaneously or with the help of over-the-counter medications. Usually the symptoms are mild, suffice it to say that every year in Italy a part of the population turns out to be positive for swine flu. We mention as symptoms the fever, tiredness, joint pain, cough, sore throat, vomiting and diarrhea. The similarity between swine flu and Covid with reference to the symptoms stands out in people’s eyes.

The most serious consequences

Complications are, unfortunately, possible like Covid. The recognized consequences are pneumonia, respiratory failure, premature birth, miscarriage and worsening of chronic diseases especially those of the heart and lungs as well as diabetes. Among the citizens most at risk are children and the elderly as well as those considered fragile precisely due to the presence of those chronic diseases mentioned above.

How to prevent swine flu and how to cure it

To prevent infection you need to follow the classic prevention indications of the common flu and Covid 19. It is necessary to wash hands frequently, avoid touching eyes and mouth with hands, sneeze into the handkerchief or in the crook of the elbow and avoid contact in the event of even mild symptoms. The flu vaccine, then, it is the best weapon to prevent contagion or in any case reduce the chances of serious consequences.

Doctors recommend as a cure for swine flu paracetamol in the presence of fever and cold while antibiotics they are reserved for the most serious cases but only with a medical prescription.

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