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What not to eat for gastritis and colitis problems? Here is the truth

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Gastritis e colitis they are two disorders of high diffusion almost every “band” of the world population, which can have different causes and very different but sometimes quite similar symptoms. Since we are dealing with diseases that are conditioned by lifestyle and diet, nutrition has a great impact both positively and negatively.

What is not recommended to eat for gastritis and colitis sufferers?

Colitis, what not to eat

Colitis “affects” a considerable percentage of the world population equal to about 10-15% and is also known as “irritable bowel syndrome”: it is the “final” part of the intestine used to complete the digestive process of food that we ingest, the disorder is due to an inflammation that can be caused by a non-optimal or insufficient composition of the bacterial flora present within it.

Among the most frequent symptoms: widespread pain, swelling, flatulence, vomiting, halitosis.

Among the foods not recommended obviously those particularly refined and “difficult” to digest, such as spices, fresh milk and dairy products (given the presence of lactose), alcohol, carbonated drinks, legumes with peel and even fruit that contains small seeds stand out.

Gastritis, what not to eat

Similar in symptoms the gastritis which also presents itself as a widespread inflammation, this time of the gastric mucosa present on the internal walls of the stomach and is usually divided into two “varieties”, nervous gastritis, due to sources of stress and not attributable directly or entirely to food, or those caused precisely by food, especially if in excessive quantities and in an unregulated manner.

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In many cases, common gastritis is caused by a specific bacterium, helicobacter pylori, which is usually eradicated in a few days, although untreated gastritis can cause ulcers inside the stomach.

Even for those suffering from gastritis it is not recommended to consume alcohol, fizzy drinks, particularly “intrusive” spices, to which tomatoes must be added due to their acidity and in general any food rich in fats.

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