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What symptoms and forms depression can have

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What symptoms and forms depression can have

Whenever Helga Werner was particularly sad, she acted particularly funny. When she felt particularly exhausted, she completed her long to-do lists as meticulously as possible. When Armin Rösl actually no longer had any strength, he became more active than ever – hyperactive. At work he took over all the tasks. In order not to have to feel his feelings and to be able to sleep again, he drank alcohol. Much alcohol.

Helga Werner and Armin Rösl have had depression for many years. A widespread illness that everyone knows – and of which most people today know, differently than before, how it typically manifests itself: for example, through a lack of drive, depressed mood, less appetite. But Helga Werner and Armin Rösl reacted differently – at least initially, at least in part.

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