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what they are and why they can cause true local colic

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what they are and why they can cause true local colic

Salivary Stones: A Lesser-Known Condition Causing Pain and Swelling

Salivary stones, while not as well-known as kidney stones, can still cause significant discomfort and pain for those affected. These stones form in the salivary glands, particularly in the submandibular glands, due to the accumulation of calcium crystals in the saliva. Professor Lorenzo Pignataro, an expert in otolaryngology, explains that factors such as dehydration or infections can lead to the formation of these stones.

When a stone blocks the salivary gland duct, it can impede the flow of saliva and lead to symptoms such as swelling and pain in the affected area. This condition, known as salivary colic, is often linked to the presence of a stone in the duct.

Treatment for salivary stones varies depending on the size and location of the stone. For smaller stones, endoscopic techniques such as interventional sialendoscopy can be used to remove the obstruction. Larger stones may require more invasive procedures, but the goal is always to preserve the functionality of the salivary gland and duct.

While salivary stones primarily affect adults, they can also present with similar symptoms in children. In rare cases, children may experience symptoms resembling salivary colic due to recurrent juvenile mumps. In these instances, medical therapy may be ineffective, and endoscopic procedures or cortisone washings may be necessary to alleviate symptoms.

Overall, salivary stones are a lesser-known but important condition that can cause pain and discomfort. Seeking medical attention and appropriate treatment is crucial for managing this condition effectively.

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