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What to eat from 65 years onwards to live well in health and for a long time

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Thanks to scientific research, the average life is lengthening. According to the most recent estimates, in 2050. in Italy, 30% of the population will be over the age of 65.
One of the main purposes of medicine and scientific research is to increase the years of life expectancy, reducing diseases and disabilities due to old age.
To achieve this, you need to know what to eat from the age of 65 onwards to live well in health and for a long time. It is important to know the right nutrients to bring to our body, in relation to the age we have.

An insufficient and unsuitable diet could lead to weight loss, sometimes even serious, accompanied by a lack of protein and iron, calcium, fiber and vitamins.
Conversely, many people overeat out of habit, or because they get gratification from food, or because they move less and gain weight as a result.
From the age of 65 onwards, it is necessary to maintain an adequate body weight, guarantee the body the nutrients it needs, and the right amount of fluids.

Here is what to eat from 65 onwards to live well in health and for a long time

Let’s take a look at the foods allowed and recommended by industry experts.

Bread, pasta, rice and cereals

From 65 to 80 years, the daily portions of pasta, rice and cereals must be reduced:

a) 60 grams for her;
b) 70 grams for him.

Over 80 years old

a) 50 grams lei;
b) 60 grams him.

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Eat at least one serving of raw or cooked vegetables with each meal.
Varying in the choice of vegetables is important, to provide all the nutrients we need.
Choose cooking mode: steam, grill or oven.


Fruit should be consumed every day. Choose two or three medium sized fruits.


To be consumed in combination with cereals, such as pasta and beans, rice and peas, etc., or with minestrone.


Alternate all types of fish, preferring blue fish.
Consume fresh or frozen fish, and sometimes canned fish.


The leanest and most fat-free parts of beef, veal, veal, chicken, rabbit, turkey, pork loin, horse should be consumed.
Give preference to white meat, consuming it three times a week.


Eat them a couple of times a week, substituting them for the second dish.
Consume fresh cheese or PDO Grana Padano. Grana Padano can be used every day to dress pasta, minestrone or soups. A grated spoon is enough.

Milk and yogurt

One serving a day of partially skimmed or low-fat yogurt.


Choose the leaner and more fat-free ones such as cooked or baked ham, roast chicken or turkey, speck, bresaola, raw ham. The cold cuts should be eaten moderately.


Eggs, except for clinical contraindications, are a nutritious food that should be consumed even from 65 years onwards.
Eat two eggs a week.


Drink two liters of water a day. If possible, consume the natural mineral rich in calcium.

Extra virgin olive oil

Use the right amount of raw oil to season dishes.


a) two glasses of wine of 125 ml per day for him;
b) a glass of 125 ml of wine per day for her.

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For individual and specific cases, always contact your doctor or nutritionist.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)

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