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What to eat walnuts, spinach, pizza or persimmons to lower blood sugar? Incredible

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Walnuts slow down the glycemic response when consumed with carbohydrate-rich foods. Spinach has few starches and a low glycemic index (GI). Pizza has a high glycemic load. Persimmons contain a lot of fructose.

Are walnuts good for blood sugar?

Walnuts don’t contain a lot of water and are rich in alpha-linolenic acid and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Walnuts help fill us up by keeping our blood sugar low. They improve good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol, helping to prevent heart disease. The important thing is not to overdo it and not to exceed the amount of 30 grams of walnuts per day. Given the amount of calories it is advisable to consume raw or roasted walnuts. Avoid fried, salted or sweetened ones.

Does spinach help those with high blood sugar?

They are one of 10 foods that the American Diabetes Association recommends for people with diabetes. They have a low GI, keep blood glucose levels healthy and stable. They provide key nutrients for a healthy life such as calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamins A, C and E. When choosing a plate of spianci they are preferred over walnuts when you have high blood sugar. We recommend consuming them fresh, but if you buy them frozen it is preferable to avoid those that are prepared with sauces and condiments.

Is pizza bad for those who want to lower their blood sugar?

It has a high glycemic load. After eating it you will have a high blood glucose spike but not immediately. It will be reached slowly. Likewise, your blood sugar will gradually drop because insulin is slowly being produced by the pancreas. If you want a low GI you need to add calories. There is only one way to contain them: add the fiber that is contained in low calorie foods, namely fruits and vegetables. Having to choose it is always good to avoid it and to lower the sugars choose a few nuts with a plate of fresh spinach.

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Can persimmons be eaten with diabetes?

No, these fruits are not recommended for diabetics. They are fruits that bring a lot of calories and rich in sugars. This is why they are also not recommended for those on a diet or overweight. In these cases, you should always ask your doctor for advice. You can opt for a few nuts. On the other hand the persimmons:

  • They are laxatives.
  • Rich in vitamins, beta-carotene and mineral salts.
  • They protect and delegate the liver.
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