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What to study to be hired in a startup

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What to study to be hired in a startup

We are entering a complicated economic phase, everyone has understood this, and we must cling to the few things that still seem to work. Companies hiring despite the crisis.

The world’s largest 4-day workweek experiment

by Riccardo Luna

From today on Italian Tech, in collaboration with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, we publish all the job offers of Italian startups updated in real time. As I write to you there are more than a thousand. A thousand skilled jobs, well paid, actually young and dynamic who are growing up. In short, no bellmen to bring dinner home; or warehouse workers to handle the packages of our online purchases. For a young man who has finished his studies, those job offers are the ideal situation.

Smart working and war

by Riccardo Luna

Among the most requested professions there are obviously software developers, digital marketing experts, but in the database there are also accountants, salesmen and communications workers. The range is wide. For some places it is necessary to stay in the office, for others it is required to move abroad, where the startup is trying to open new markets; for still others it is possible to work from home or wherever you want, according to that extensive interpretation of smart working that takes the name of remote working. More than a thousand jobs from the still small Italian startup ecosystem are many. They show that despite the difficulties in finding capital, solid companies are growing in Italy. And they clearly indicate a way for a young person looking for a job: the main problem is not the lack of work, it is often the lack of adequate skills. But to acquire them it is enough to study in the right courses. For this we have launched the masters of the Italian Tech Academy.

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