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What was special about “Damiano dei Maneskin’s glare”?

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What was special about “Damiano dei Maneskin’s glare”?

A 19th century philosopher, one of those who study in the year of maturity, said: “We are what we eat”. Two centuries later we are also what we read, post and share on social networks. For this reason, since last Friday I have been wondering: what was so special, irresistible, the dirty look of Damiano dei Maneskin to a fan to become the most read content for three days in a row?

The Maneskins in second place in Spotify’s summer world rankings

For the very few who haven’t read that post, I briefly recap that a fan showed up at a concert with a sign saying she had been Coraline for a long time – the title of a poignant Maneskin song – and then being in some way healed. It was a thank you sign but the singer had obviously misunderstood it; and then he apologized. That’s all. A curiosity. But on Friday, shortly after the sensational sentence on abortion in the United States, the most read piece was, by far, Damiano’s dirty look; and when shortly after Gregorio Paltrinieri did an epic feat at the swimming world championship, the most read post was always that of the Maneskin; and when an important Ukrainian city fell into the hands of the Russians on Saturday, that news did not earn the top spot; and even the story of the child killed by the teacher did not succeed on Sunday. Or the drought, the heat, the riot on the beaches, the return of the covid or whatever you want.

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Musica in streaming

The lyrics of the songs (finally) arrive on the Spotify app

by Pier Luigi Pisa

What was special, what was irresistible about that title? Was he winking? Was he intriguing? Did he have the word Maneskin that always works? Or is it simply summer and we want frivolous content? I do not know. But I remember a queen once observed what happened when she died during the attempted revolution in Iran in 2009. Michael Jackson, and on social media we all forgot about Tehran and the revolt was crushed by general indifference. I also clicked on Damiano’s dirty look on Friday, but let’s remember to give time and attention to the things that really matter for our future.

The scream of young people

by Riccardo Luna

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