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WhatsApp incognito: so we can hide from everyone when we are online

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WhatsApp incognito: so we can hide from everyone when we are online

On WhatsApp, another function that may not be in great demand is on its way (such as the ability to edit messages after sending oh you have a single account on two different smartphones), but which more than others is destined to change our relationship with the popular messaging app.

According to a screenshot published by Wabetainfodevelopers are working on some kind of Incognito modesimilar to the one that allows you to use browsers to browse online without leaving traces: from what we understand, we will not only be able to hide the date and time of our last access (which can already be done) but also don’t let us see you at the exact moment we are online and we are writing to someone.


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How WhatsApp works incognito

As can be seen from the image, the section Who can see my personal information (screenshot Privacy of the Settings), as well as understanding the current entry Last Accesshe will also have some another dedicated to Who can see when I’m online: we will be able to select whether this information will be visible to all, or whether to link it to what was decided for the last access.

Choosing the most restrictive setting (None) means in practice that even while we are connected to WhatsApp to write a message, send a photo or record a voice, no one will be able to see that we are online.

What is this thing for? Basically, to be left alone while we are chatting with someone and we don’t want to be contacted by others. But also, more seriously, to better protect ours privacy and to make life more complicated for stalkers e harassers.


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When WhatsApp arrives incognito

The screenshot is taken from a beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, but from Wabetainfo they explained that the feature should also be available for Android (and for the desktop version of the app). The timing and availability are not yet clear: at the moment, the option cannot be activated either on iOS on Androidnot even in beta, but it shouldn’t be long before it is.

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