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Whatsapp, now you can leave a group without everyone knowing. And the other new features

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Whatsapp, now you can leave a group without everyone knowing.  And the other new features

WhatsApp, here is the summer update. Some news had already been spotted in recent months, but they were still waiting for theofficial status. She thought about it Mark Zuckerberg in persona, through the stories on Instagram and Facebook, to attribute it to him. The most important, and expected, is salvation possibility to leave a group secretly. That is, without notifying the other participants. They are the administrators will be aware of it. For everyone else, users will finally enjoy a farewell silent and without controversy. What in Anglo-Saxon culture is known as “Irish goodbye” (while in Italian it is said ‘to go to English’).

The second novelty is the possibility of hide information about the last time we connected to the app from specific contacts. In fact, since last December, the platform controlled by Meta had started a delete users’ online status to those who are not among the contacts. But of course everyone else could still view it. The summer chat update intervenes on this aspect, given that will allow users to choose who can access that information. For example, if the user does not want to let another know that he is in fact ignoring his messages, just enter the settings for that conversation and hide the last accessed information.

Furthermore, WhatsApp will allow users to delete a private or group chat message up to two days and 12 hours after sending; until now, users were allowed just over an hour.

The latest news in terms of privacy is the implementation of a system that should prevent you from taking screenshots of messages that can only be viewed once. Those that are no longer accessible after just one display (and not those that are deleted after a certain period of time). Avoiding screenshots would therefore be a way to protect even better the contents that the interlocutors obviously consider sensitive to the point of giving the other only one chance to see them.

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While the latter feature is still being tested, but WhatsApp has explained that it will arrive “soon”, the other two are officially being distributed to all users, who number over 1.6 billion worldwide.

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