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Wheat extract to heal tough scars

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Wheat extract to heal tough scars

Wheat to heal tough scars. successfully tested in the treatment of skin graft wounds, the wheat extract makes scars “almost invisible”, elastic and less painful, reducing the waiting time for sun exposure. This is supported by an Italian study being published on The Plastic, Reconstructive & Regenerative Surgery (PRRS) Journal.

I study

The results demonstrate that the wheat extract, in combination with polyhexanide, a powerful antiseptic, is able to immediately mobilize, already in the inflammation phase, the fibroblasts, cells responsible for regeneration and vital center of the skin, since from they depend on many characteristics especially for the aesthetic aspect, leaving minimal, elastic, little painful scars and reducing the risk of infections and waiting times for sun exposure.

“The treatment is able to create a film on the wound useful to avoid the loss of liquids and, at the same time, to attract, just like a magnet, right away, i.e. already in the inflammation phase, the fibroblastic cells responsible for the healing process ” explains John Popepresident of the Italian Association of Cutaneous Ulcers (AIUC), director of the Plastic Surgery Department of the Cattinara Hospital and first author of the study.

From electricity to smart plasters: new strategies to heal wounds faster

by Irma D’Aria

A problem for 2 million Italians

“It is estimated that in our country there are over 2 million Italians who suffer chronic skin lesions, such as vascular ulcers, bedsores, diabetic foot lesions, in addition to skin lesions resulting from trauma, burns or as secondary effects of surgical interventions – Pope explains – According to recent estimates, in the next 5 years the number of lesions will increase at the rate of 8% per year as a result of the aging of the population, with costs that affect public health by almost 1 billion euros per year” .

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