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When can I trim my hedge? | > – Guide – Garden

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When can I trim my hedge?  |  > – Guide – Garden

As of: February 22, 2024 10:59 a.m

To protect breeding birds, hedges in Germany are only allowed to be heavily trimmed in the winter months. A law regulates the period during which pruning is permitted.

Hedges are one of the interesting elements for structuring and designing a garden. They are not only popular as privacy screens at property boundaries, but also for creating cozy spaces on larger areas. However, the Federal Nature Conservation Act prohibits “cutting off or planting” hedges, i.e. cutting them just above the ground, between March 1st and September 30th. This also applies to “living fences, bushes and other woody plants”. A heavy cut back to redesign the garden is therefore not possible during this period.

According to the law, gentle shaping and care cutting is permitted

Birds like to build their nests in thick hedges.

The regulation serves to protect birds, because the animals look for breeding places in spring. They find suitable places to build nests in hedges and bushes. Gardening enthusiasts should also take this into account if they want to give their bushes “gentle shape and care pruning,” which the law expressly allows all year round. Before you use the scissors, you should carefully check whether a bird has already nested in the hedge and, in this case, postpone the cut for a few weeks. Nests are hardly noticeable at first glance, especially in evergreen plants such as conifers.

Further information

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