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When is it better to drink apple cider vinegar? Here’s what science says

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When is it better to drink apple cider vinegar?  Here’s what science says

During the summer season or even after a physical effort, as following a long debate or maybe just to appease the thirst for nothing, there is nothing in the world better than drink lots of water. Quenching your thirst is in fact a completely innate gesture that we all do over and over again a day, with the mere purpose of taking in the water lost through sweat and replenishing the much precious mineral salts.

However, it is clear that, since we are all different, it will be much easier for some drink only water fresh, while for others, such as the elderly or young people for example, consuming sufficient water during the day can become a very difficult task. And it is for this reason that carbonated drinks are often preferred which, however, are also rich in sugars.

The latest trend in regards to drinks are the flavored waters, or those mixtures of water with other ingredients that make hydration even more pleasant. Some of them have the sole purpose of adding a touch of flavor to our water, while others have undisputed beneficial properties such as water andapple cider vinegar to drink.

At this point, however, it is necessary to make a small but important premise: apple cider vinegar is never drunk pure as theacidity contained in it can, in the long run, cause serious damage to the dental enamel or, in more dangerous cases, even compromise the esophagus. That’s enough then drink water and apple cider vinegar diluting it to be able to keep all the properties intact and not suffer the negative effects.

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Proceeding to drink small doses at a time, its taste, too strong at the beginning could be marked if you are not used to it but then as we drink it its pleasantness will increase considerably. Drinking apple cider vinegar water is a true health helpbecause in addition to quenching your thirst, it helps to improve the digestion as it activates digestive enzymes, deflates the abdomen and decreases water retention nhe lower limbs.

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