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When is it too much? Five important signs that you are drinking too much alcohol

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When is it too much?  Five important signs that you are drinking too much alcohol

Do you often drink a beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day? Drinking alcohol too regularly is harmful to your health. These signs indicate that you are drinking too much alcohol.

A glass at the end of the day, a toast on special occasions, going crazy at parties: many people like to drink alcohol. But when is it too regular?

1. You have problems concentrating

If an important project or something similar is coming up in the near future and full concentration is required, you should hold back. Because: Alcohol consumption can completely change brain function – especially if you drink a lot and quickly.

Researchers have discovered that strong change processes take place in the brain, but also in the entire body, because the liver can only process a certain amount of alcohol in an hour.

So if you generally have problems concentrating, it could be a sign that you are drinking too much alcohol.

2. Your sleep has worsened

Although alcohol can be sedating, it makes sleep worse. It does this by increasing the levels of hormones that cause the body to be on alert.

3. You drink alcohol in response to stress

As soon as you see alcohol as a kind of remedy for your emotions, you should be careful. According to a British study, drinking alcohol can make you feel more attractive.

However, if this is the only time you feel confident, it is a sign of addiction. Drinking alcohol to feel good is definitely the wrong approach and another alarming sign.

4. Your alcohol consumption increases

You have lost control over the amount of alcohol you consume and when you drink alcohol. The tolerance limit is increased, which means that increasingly large amounts of alcohol must be consumed in order to achieve the desired effect.

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5. You have a hard time finding motivation

You organize your day so that you can drink – other interests and tasks suffer as a result. If the constant goal is no longer just to finish a project at work, but rather to have a glass of wine as a reward, that is also a clear warning sign.

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