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When is the stomach empty? What does it mean to be hungry? – breaking latest news

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When is the stomach empty?  What does it mean to be hungry? – breaking latest news

Being aware of an empty stomach or knowing if you are really hungry is not easy: the signals that indicate when to eat may be clear for our body, but much less so for our head.

Being hungry, eating and waiting for the stomach to empty before feeding again would seem obvious and automatic processes, but in reality they are complex physiological functions in which many organs are involved, including the brain. To be aware of oneempty stomach or know if you are really hungry
It is not easy, surrounded as we are, in the Western world, by the availability of food and the continuous supply: the signals that indicate when to eat may be clear for our body, but much less so for our head.

The calculation of hours for digestion

It is possible to determine in a scientific way, then, when an empty stomach? How you do it? There are tests that, over the years, have measured this parameter. The standards have been established in the USA dall’American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society e dalla Society of Nuclear Medicine and they claim that a normal stomach should be 90% empty after 4 hours. On average. It then depends on what what are we eating and especially from how much: Normally the food remains from 3 to 4 hours in the stomach and what can prolong (or not) this time is the composition of the food introduced – he explains Michela Barichella, Professor of Nutritional Science at the University of Milan and Director of Uos Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Cto Gaetano Pini of Milan -. Fats (such as heavy condiments, fried foods, butter, but also aged cheeses) do not help digestion, then the calculation of the quantities takes over. The more food we eatthe longer it takes our body to digest it: to improve gastric emptying, in fact, we recommend small, fractionated meals without too many lipids.

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Is it possible to rank the more or less digestible macronutrients?
Carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, sweets, ed) remain in the stomach for about 2 hours, are easily digestible, especially sugars such as glucose and fructose which are absorbed as such, followed by proteins (meat, fish, eggs, ed) and lastly the lipids (oil, butter and other fats, ed). Great weight covers the Preparation: even a fish, which steamed can be very digestible, when fried or au gratin would slow down gastric emptying – says the specialist -. Fruit and vegetables they are bulky due to the content of fibers, which (especially the soluble ones) slow down the emptying of the stomach with a consequent increase in satiety. Liquids By themselves they do not need to be digested because, unlike food, they do not need to be processed. The water (which contains only minerals) facilitates digestion.

The grandmothers were right: swimming in the sea not earlier than three hours, since the average gastric emptying was that. Once we have an empty belly (after having it full) do we immediately (and always) feel a sense of hunger? How are the two bodily sensations connected?

“Real” hunger is the need to eat food to produce energy, a physiological need that is controlled by hormones that modulate hunger. Sometimes you can feel your stomach is empty and not necessarily hungry – specifies Barichella -. Perceiving the classic “empty stomach” can also depend on psychological state of the person, or from diseases such as gastritis, or from the intake of certain drugs.

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What does it mean to be hungry then?
The signals of hunger and satiety are regulated by the interaction of hunger mediators: for example leptin, which is a protein hormone (produced by adipose tissue), then insulin (produced by the pancreas), ghrelin and others that regulate the two sensations – explains the specialist -. There are also differences according to people’s age and periods of life: the adolescent tends to be much hungrier than the elderly. Finally, we mentioned it, after a large meal, when the stomach remains full for a long time, it is difficult to get hungry.

Physiological hunger and appetite a psychological need. In a part of the world where food is always available and constantly offered, how do I know if I’m really hungry?

Hunger comes from an empty stomach and a physiological need that I am going to fill. The appetite desire to eat something for gluttony, a psychological desire that arises from many factors: sometimes one “fame nervosa”where with food you try to compensate for other inconveniences, sometimes the desire to conform, when you go out in company and eat (or drink) without having to do it or exceeding the quantities that the body requires, explains the nutritionist.

How to deal with food when the two sensations of empty stomach and hunger are altered?

We know that we have to divide a certain amount of calories during the day: it is necessary to have breakfast in the morning because we come from a prolonged fast, more or less after four hours it is correct to have lunch and dinner should not be too late because at night it is good practice to sleep and not eat . If we add to this the calculation of the physiology of digestion, which provides at least 3-4 hours, and we take into account what are the needs of the person (sport, age and build) we arrive at knowing how to balance meal times and quantity of food, he concludes. Barichella.

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It seems simplistic, but you need common sense and a little self-awareness: if it’s been two hours since my last meal and I’m hungry, it would be better to keep that desire at bay, or let it pass by doing something else: a walk, a phone call, a snack healthy, like two or three walnuts. Hunger as a physiological need must be satisfied while appetite is an environmental factor and can be controlled.

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