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Where is the blood thrown away after the analysis? The answer That will amaze you

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Where is the blood thrown away after the analysis?  The answer That will amaze you

Where does the blood end up and how is it disposed of after the analyzes carried out in the laboratory: the answer to a question that many will have asked themselves.

Blood test tube (Photo from Canva) – Ecoo.it

To carry out in-depth analyses, many people undergo the withdrawal of the blood which allows you to analyze the main ones blood components in order to trace information on the health of the subject undergoing the sampling e Diagnostics possible pathologies o anomalies of values.

Many will have wondered where the blood drawn ends up and how it comes disposed of. Since it is a special waste, and therefore considered dangerous for health or the environment, to carry out this type of operation one must follow specific procedures entrusted to specialized companies.

Blood used for analysis: how it is disposed of

Very often we ask ourselves how certain substances or substances are disposed of special waste. Especially when it comes to waste healthcare field, therefore, those that are produced in hospitals, clinics, specialist centers or analysis laboratories. It is right to clarify things a bit, because not everyone knows what happens to these wastes.

Blood analysis where waste ends
Syringe (Photo from Canva) – Ecoo.it

This special waste also includes the blood drawn for clinical analyses. As for the others, a different disposal procedure from normal waste is also required for blood. In detail, the blood that is taken and used to carry out analyzes and investigations is thrown into special containers containers, with which the health facilities or laboratories are equipped. These containers are then picked up by the specialized companies that will take care of the disposal in order to protect the environment and human health.

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The quantities of blood drawn per day are, in fact, consistent. If we think of one test tube of blood we certainly refer to a small substance collected, but this is not the case in fact the blood drawn every day in the world is really a lot, just think of all the hospitals, nursing homes or analysis laboratories, and therefore it is no longer a matter of small doses .

Other special waste

Blood analysis as disposed
Blood test tubes (Photo from Canva) – Ecoo.it

Blood is one of those wastes a infectious risk. But what other materials are at risk of infection? Even those who come from patients in infectious isolation and are gloves, drainages, masks, gauze, phleboclisis e catheters. Also in this case, the disposal will be the task of specialized companies.

There are also other types of waste that require particular attention in disposal such as medicines expired o unusablethe psychotropic substances o antiblastic chemotherapy drugs.

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