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Which fish to eat for cholesterol? Here is the answer

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Fish is a healthy food and has many beneficial properties for the body. What kind of fish can lower cholesterol in particular? High cholesterol is a major risk factor for developing heart and heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Western countries. Among the factors that influence the trend of cholesterol, we discovered nutrition. The best way to lower blood cholesterol is to follow a low fat diet and these diets are of better quality. Eating fish can provide this help, and it is always recommended to eat more fish if you have high cholesterol. However, not all fish help lower cholesterol. Eating salmon is by far the best cholesterol-lowering option. This is the ranking of the best fish to consume for this purpose.

  1. salmon;
  2. Cod:
  3. tuna
  4. blue fish;

We said eat salmon it is by far the best anti-cholesterol choice you can make. Salmon is a fish rich in Omega 3 and in the kitchen it lends itself very well to various preparations. Also cod and tuna are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids while the blue fish, of which the Mediterranean Sea is full, is rich in unsaturated fats. By blue fish we mean specifically species such as anchovies, sardines, herring, amberjack, mackerel, garfish, bonito.

Fish to be consumed in moderation

Fish to be consumed in moderation are instead i shellfish such as shrimp, scampi or lobster, which contain cholesterol but low in saturated fat. Within a balanced diet, crustaceans can be consumed moderately so as not to raise blood cholesterol values.

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Fish to avoid

Also, it is good to know and remember that the eggs of all types of fish they have a enerme cholesterol content. Often eating bottarga, caviar, salmon, herring or cod roe is highly not recommended for those suffering from high cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia.


Ultimately, we now know which fish can lower cholesterol and which fish can be eaten in moderation or should be avoided. We would like to clarify that these considerations refer to fresh fish products, which are obviously more nutritious than processed or frozen products. Of course, the daily personal and work burdens do not allow us to always use fresh food in the kitchen, so when we have to eat, we often leave room for industrial products such as canned tuna. However, when we choose them, we must realize that we are not doing the best for our health.

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