Home Health Which foods help to withstand heat and mugginess and to compensate for liquids – breaking latest news

Which foods help to withstand heat and mugginess and to compensate for liquids – breaking latest news

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Which foods help to withstand heat and mugginess and to compensate for liquids – breaking latest news

Some foods contain fiber and antioxidants which make them particularly suitable for the summer season. Attention, however, to the methods of conservation

In a Mediterranean climate like ours and in normal conditions, by not practicing sports or making excessive efforts, every day the human body produces, through perspiration, about a liter and a half of sweat consisting of water and mineral salts, in particular sodium, potassium, chlorine and a little magnesium. Abundance and variety of vegetables and fruit allow them to be recovered without resorting to any integration, unless otherwise advised by a doctor. But not everything. Vegetable nutrition rich in fiber and antioxidants, the best anti-heat remedies. In fact, where there are fibers there is water, where there are antioxidants, there are phytochemicals that protect plants, and therefore also those who eat them, from excess heat and ultraviolet rays, he explains. Stefano Erzegovesinutritionist and psychiatrist, expert in preventive nutrition and eating disorders.

How is the anti-heat single dish?

In addition to fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats must be included, inspired by the Mediterranean diet of warmer countries, such as the Middle East or Southern Italy, which provide nutritious foods, but with a low glycemic load. Prefer whole grains, such as cous cous, bulgur, spelled or stale bread typical of panzanella, because they are richer in mineral salts. For proteins, space especially for legumes used as a cold salad or smoothies creating hummus. The fats come from extra virgin olive oil or from coconut and avocado which are typical of tropical climates: this is why this is the ideal time to consume them. To limit very salty foods, such as cured meats and aged cheeses.

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Is it true that in summer it is better not to eat spicy?

False. In particular, chilli helps regulate perspiration, as long as you respect the sensitivity of your palate. It also helps limit bacterial proliferation.

Any other conservation tips?

Always respect the cold chain. It’s okay to take your lunch to the beach and let it warm up naturally, but let’s calculate the quantities well because what is left over must be thrown away. Storing it in the refrigerator would mean a further temperature excursion that favors the growth of bacteria. The risk of gastroenteritis.

Does ice cream replace a meal?

An unbalanced meal, however, whether you choose creams or fruit flavors, because fiber and antioxidants are almost zero. If you opt for ice cream every now and then, the next meal should be more balancedwith fruit and vegetables in abundance, whole grains and vegetable proteins.

How much to drink in summer?

At least 1.5 liters of water per day, limiting sugary drinks. The green tea an alternative because, in addition to theine (chemically identical to caffeine), it contains theanine, which is a natural regulator of tension and tachycardia.

To know

The classic summer salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onion can be transformed into a single dish by adding corn and four heaping tablespoons of cannellini beans.
In addition to spicy foods, foods that increase acidity, such as vinegar and lemon juice, are natural antiseptics. At home, everything must always be kept in the refrigerator.
The thermoreceptors in the digestive tract react to sudden cooling by producing heat. Best to sip at room temperature or with an ice cube.

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