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Which Italian regions are most affected by monkeypox

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Which Italian regions are most affected by monkeypox

Smallpox of monkeys in Italy and Europe

Cases of monkeypox in Italy have exceeded 400 but with a tendency to stabilize. The Italian regions most affected by Monkeypox.

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Smallpox of monkeys in Italy and Europe

The cases of monkeypox in Italy they increase but with a tendency to stabilize after exceeding the number of 400. To take stock of the situation of the confirmed cases of Monkeypox in our country it is the Ministry of Health that has constantly monitored the situation since the World Health Organization declared monkeypox an international health emergency and ECDC raised the level of activation of surveillance.

The system of surveillance and constant monitoring of the infection in the territory, launched by the Ministry with Regions and Autonomous Provinces, indicates that as of July 26 the confirmed cases of smallpox in Italy are 426. Compared to the previous bulletin of 21 July there is an increase of 19 confirmed cases.

Numbers that according to the general director of health prevention of the Ministry of Health should not cause particular alarmism. In fact, there has been no outbreak of infections after the first case of monkeypox confirmed on 20 May.

Smallpox of monkeys, 14 confirmed cases in Campania. The expert: “Beware of summer adventures”

The region with more cases of Monkeypox, both in absolute terms and in terms of increases, Lombardy continues to be where 197 confirmed infections are recorded, six more than in the previous four days. Lazio follows with 90 cases, Emilia Romagna with 49 cases and Veneto with 31 cases. In double figures Tuscany with 12 cases and Piedmont with ten cases. Then follow Friuli – Venezia Giulia with 9 cases, Liguria and Puglia, both with 8 cases, Campania with 4 cases, the province of Trento with 3 cases, Marche and Sicily with two cases and the Province of Bolzano with one case.

With regard to people affected by the virus, 129 are directly related to trips abroad. The clear majority are men, there are only two cases of women. The median age of homework is 37 years with a range from 20 to 71 years.

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The Ministry of Health itself explained to Fanpage.it that, according to these numbers, no vaccination campaign is planned for the moment, even if our country has purchased a limited number of doses together with Brussels.

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