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which masks to use and when to swabs

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which masks to use and when to swabs

Julytime to vacation e you tripsin Italy and abroad, for many people, this year unfortunately with the bugbear Covidwith the boom of contagion which is being registered day after day in our country, and beyond, and above all due to the sub-variant of the mutation Omicron of the virus known as Ba5. «In this phase, characterized by the circulation of variants” from Sars-CoV-2 “Highly communicable, there has probably been a sharp increase in the proportion of people who have had an infection not notified to the surveillance systems for reasons related to phenomena of underdiagnosis or” self-diagnosis “(diagnosis made with do-it-yourself tests ). The Higher Institute of Health (Iss), in the last two extended reports on the trend of Covid-19 in Italy, highlighting that this could lead to the underestimation of the incidence rate, and therefore of the relative risk, and vaccination efficacy “.

What precautions must be observed to leave safely for the vacation? And what behaviors to observe to try to reduce the risk of infection? When should the masks (not compulsory for trips in airplane), and what type of personal protection should be used? When to do i tampons?

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Covid and travel, the behaviors to observe

The WHO alarm

In Europe, “countries have revoked anti-Covid measures”, therefore “the virus will be transmitted at high levels during the summer” and “the increase in the incidence in people at risk of serious illness will lead to an increase in hospitalizations, a greater disruption of essential health services and unfortunately could lead to an excess of dead“. It is the fear expressed by Hans Klugeregional director ofWorld Health Organization (Oms) for Europe.

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On the one hand, «the diffusion of sub-variants Omicron BA.4 e BA.5», On the other« the increase of tripsrallies and summer events “, are the main factors that push the number one of WHO Europe to issue a warning:” The new cases of Covid-19 have doubled in the last month throughout the region “and” we should be worried ” for this trend, which represents “a hard reminder” reminding us that “we are not out of danger yet”.

For Kluge, “regardless of whether countries relax or tighten anti-contagion measures,” we can all do our part to protect ourselves and others, by following some simple practices such as regular hand washing e vaccinating us», Thus« increasing immunization rates in particular among the elderly and with other chronic diseases ».

The Decalogue drawn up by the World Health Network

Here’s how to minimize the risk of contagion while traveling: the decalogue of behaviors to observe was drawn up by the World Health Network, and the main tip is to limit contact with people. Or rather, it is preferable to only hang out with the people you live with, or are part of a small group that includes the people you live with and a few others (basically always the same group of people). But if there is an occasion or event where you need to meet up with someone else, how can you stay safe (us, the people we meet and also the people we live with)? Here is the handbook of suggestions to minimize the risk of contagion: communicate; travel safely; air quality; vaccine; few and short contacts; test, mask, self-diagnosis, return safely.

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1) Communicate: it is advisable to communicate in advance to people who meet the fears of contagion. This is because some preventative measures require some planning, so they should be discussed with the people you intend to date. It should be remembered to pay particular attention to the protection of vulnerable family and friends.

2) Safety while traveling: social contacts must be limited before making the trip. Then, it is recommended that you wear a high-quality, well-fitting mask (N95, KN95, KF94, FFP2) and goggles or a visor. If car sharing is used, the driver of the vehicle should be asked to wear a mask and to inquire about any symptoms. Make sure that the ventilation system inside the vehicle is not in recirculation mode. Use the toilets before traveling and, if possible, avoid using shared public services. Have alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer on hand to sanitize bags (especially handles) and hands. Detailed travel safety precautions can be found here: whn.global/guidelines/index.php/Travel

3) Air quality: in indoor places, if possible, leave windows open if there are no air purifiers. Opening the windows at least every 20 minutes to encourage air exchange greatly reduces the risk of transmission of Covid-19.

4) Vaccines: available vaccines are highly effective and reduce the chances of being infected. It is recommended to take a booster dose (booster) before traveling.

5) Contacts: reduce contact with other people to limit the risk of contagion.

6) Test: if the result of the swab is positive, you can decide not to make the trip. If you have symptoms, it is best not to travel.

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7) Short meetings: it is preferable to reduce the time spent in the company of other people if you are in indoor places.

8) Masks: Individual protectors are relatively inexpensive and, when worn correctly, are highly effective in preventing the transmission of infection. Here are the in-depth guidelines on the correct use of masks: covidactiongroup.net/mask-fit-matters

9) Self-diagnosis: if you do not feel well, it is preferable to isolate yourself and take the test. If symptoms caused by the disease occur but the test fails, it is best to isolate yourself.

10) Return safely: it is advisable to plan the return trip in advance so that you can make a trip following all the precautions to protect yourself and protect the people you live with. It is suggested that you take a test when you return home and, if symptoms of the disease occur, it is advisable to isolate yourself.

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