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Which plants are good neighbors when growing leeks?

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Which plants are good neighbors when growing leeks?

Garden plants can benefit from each other, and if you want good neighbors for leeks, there are a few varieties that will do the trick. The leek is an easy-care vegetable that can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen and gets along well with other plants. When growing in the garden bed, however, there are a few factors to consider so that its companion plants can also thrive in the mixed culture. Here are some examples of suitable neighborhoods and plant care tips that can help you get a better harvest.

What should be considered before planting good neighbors next to leeks?

Plants such as garlic and leeks, which belong to the onion family, are great for repelling garden bed pests. This makes leeks a preferred choice in many herb and vegetable gardens. However, you should limit yourself to only growing leeks when you already have sufficient options for companion planting. In this way, intercropping can reap numerous benefits and grow healthily without the crops having a detrimental effect on each other.

for bulbous plants such as leeks, plant good neighbors such as carrots and harvest at the same time

In addition, companion plants allow you to create a functioning ecosystem where they work in harmony with beneficial insects. If you choose good neighbors for leeks, you should therefore make sure that all plant varieties have the same or similar growth conditions. Accordingly, the multiple interactions allow you to increase your yield by keeping competition for nutrients to a minimum. However, since leeks are also susceptible to pest infestation themselves, you should also opt for neighborhood plants that counteract such pests. Without further ado, here are the best companions for leeks to consider when growing.

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Plant carrots with leeks together

strawberries and carrots for leeks good neighbors as a mixed culture in the bed

Leeks are a plant species that have stiff and upright shoots, which is why they do not necessarily need supportive companions in the bed when growing. However, if you grow leeks with appropriate garden plants like carrots, you will benefit from improved soil fertility, drainage, pest resistance and flavor. In addition, carrots can be good neighbors for leeks as companion plants. Since, like leeks, they are also an essential part of many dishes, you can use both types of vegetables at the same time for the preparation of healthy recipes. Another benefit of this combination is that carrots have a repellent effect on leek moths and onion flies. On the other hand, leeks can keep naked flies away from carrots.

Why are cruciferous vegetables like cabbage good neighbors for leeks?

grow good neighbors such as cabbage and cruciferous vegetables in the garden bed next to leeks

Vegetables like cauliflower and kale are also perfect for growing alongside leeks. Basically, these are plants from the same family. Cruciferous vegetables are also often used in the kitchen and can grow quickly and healthily together with leeks. These also include kohlrabi, turnips and other representatives of this plant family. Additionally, growing leeks with cabbage can help repel common pests like whiteflies. The strong scent of leeks can deter aphids and cabbage bugs.

Grow beets like beets next to leeks in the garden bed

distinguish between good neighbors and bad neighbors when there is limited space for leeks

If space in the bed is limited, consider combining beets and leeks to make the most of the available garden space. As a root vegetable, like leeks, beets prefer well-drained, fertile garden soil, as well as several hours of sunshine and adequate watering. Leeks help keep beets free from pesky pests that feed on the foliage, such as aphids and flea beetles. As an interaction, the taproots of the turnips help make loamy garden soil more permeable as they grow downwards into it. This allows the leeks to thrive better in well-drained and moderately loose soil.

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How celery and leek can become good neighbors

choose good neighbors for leeks or leeks and create a thriving vegetable garden

Combining celery and leeks in the vegetable patch is also a beneficial option, as both crops have similar growing conditions. They thrive best in well-drained and nutrient-rich garden soil, with plenty of sunlight and can be planted at the same time. Additionally, leeks and celery make good neighbors as the latter loosens the soil for the leeks while protecting them from pests like leaf miners. In addition, you can alternately plant leeks for better crop rotation. Celery’s large taproot allows moisture to penetrate more easily, which benefits the leeks, too.

Which herbs can be good neighbors for leeks?

Grow herbal plants like lavender and rosemary as companion plants to fight off pests

When planting an herb garden, a few aromatic herbs can mask the strong scent of leeks and some other vegetable companions. They also keep it free from pests. An example of this is rosemary, which attracts beneficial insects like bees. Accordingly, they scare away aphids and caterpillars in the garden bed with leeks. The combination of leeks and rosemary also makes the garden more aesthetically diverse. The blue flowers and thin rosemary leaves complement the white stem and thick green shoots of the leek. Additionally, you can also grow lavender or thyme around the edges of your bed as companion herbs for leeks.

What flowers can grow next to leeks?

marigolds attract beneficial insects and protect leeks from pests as companion plants

Flowering plants can also benefit leeks and their herbal companions if they grow nearby. Some can help repel, confuse, or distract pests, while others can be particularly useful by attracting beneficial predatory insects, thereby keeping pest numbers down. For example, marigolds pair perfectly with leeks as their intense scent attracts lacewings and ladybugs, which eventually feed on pests like aphids. In addition, the strong aroma of marigold can also keep other garden pests away. Marigolds can also act as ground cover in the garden and inhibit weed growth. Other similar botanicals to try include chamomile, nasturtium, and poppy for their pungent herbal flavor that protects the leeks.

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Recognize bad neighbors by good neighbors for leeks

big garden beds with leeks under the sun in spring

However, there are also certain plants that grow poorly in a mixed culture with leeks. The rule of thumb is not to combine leeks with legumes such as beans, peas, alfalfa, lentils and asparagus. For example, some of these plant varieties produce biochemicals that could cause stunted growth in leeks. As for asparagus, they require different growing conditions than leeks and can compete for nutrients. There are other crops that you should not plant with leeks, such as cauliflower and swedes. These also compete with leeks for essential nutrients, which leads to stunted growth and would affect your harvest.

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