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Which potatoes are bad for the heart, cholesterol, sleep and blood sugar? Incredible

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Eating a lot of fried potatoes can lead to overweight, with the risks involved. You get diabetes or cardiovascular disease. After about 15-30 minutes, our heart rate suddenly increases.

Which potatoes are bad for the heart?

Fried foods, especially those of large chains and restaurants, are rich in fats that are harmful to the heart. They have a lot of salt, which causes the pressure to rise. Also, the oil they are made of is usually used to fry many foods. The consumption of potatoes prevents cardiovascular diseases due to their low calorie and fat content. They are a staple of a balanced and varied diet and experts recommend their daily use.

Which potatoes are bad for cholesterol?

In general, potatoes provide us with the energy we need to be able to carry out our daily activities effortlessly and in a good mood. They are a food that regulates the composition of the bacterial flora, making the intestine function properly. They are a food that helps us to keep cholesterol within healthy values ​​and to be stronger against cancer and against respiratory and heart diseases. Beware of fried ones because they cause a rise in cholesterol if you eat frequently.

Which potatoes cause insomnia?

Potato starch has a blocking chemical called acetylcholinase, which causes excessive stimulation of the nervous system in sensitive individuals. A relaxing herbal tea after dinner can contribute to a good rest. Lemongrass, sage, passion flower, lime, chamomile, lemon balm, hawthorn. In order not to want to go to the bathroom during the night and not to interrupt sleep, it is better to try not to drink a lot during dinner if we want to drink the infusion, and not to drink it just before going to bed. People with digestive problems should be careful with infusions immediately after dinner, as they can dilute stomach juices and cause digestion to stagnate.

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What Potatoes Not To Eat With High Blood Sugar?

Potatoes generally do not raise blood sugar. Especially if you eat cold they help keep your blood sugar under control. Pay attention to how they are cooked because they can cause problems with blood sugar. Those fried, for example, can cause problems for those with high blood sugar. Here are the benefits of potatoes:

  • They reduce fat absorption.
  • They have a draining action.
  • They protect against free radicals.
  • Promote sleep.
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