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Which skirts for women with a belly: suitable models & styling tips

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Which skirts for women with a belly: suitable models & styling tips

Belly fat is something many women have, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look seductive and attractive. All you need is the right outfit. But when it comes to clothing, finding skirts that hide the tummy is a challenge for many women. In this article we will not only answer the question of which skirts are suitable for women with a belly, but you will also receive important styling tips!

Which skirts for women with a belly – These models are ideally suited

Skirts are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, and a bigger belly shouldn’t stop you from wearing one. There are many different styles of skirts that will flatter all of your curves incredibly. Here are some of them!

High-waisted pleated skirts ensure a balanced silhouette

What skirts for women with a belly - tips on how to style a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts create a flared shape because the fabric increases down the length of the skirt. This model is a perfect distraction as it camouflage your tummy while being cute and chic at the same time. If you choose a high-waisted skirt, the pleats will start in front of your stomach, covering it completely.

High-waisted pleated skirts are the perfect way to draw attention away from the waist

Tips on how to style a pleated skirt:

  • Draw attention upwards: Jewelry, a scarf, glasses and a bright lipstick can draw attention upwards.
  • The idea of ​​”waist” is incompatible with that of “belly”: So accentuate your waist by tucking a shirt into a high-waisted skirt.
  • Cover your stomach: You can wear it with a jacket or sweater to create a casual outfit.

Notice: High-waisted flared skirts are ideal for camouflage the tummy while creating an hourglass shape. They are designed to create a slimmer shape for all body types. They cover the abdomen, leaving plenty of room for weight fluctuations and bloating.

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Which skirts for women with a belly – maxi skirts with leg slits

Maxi skirts with leg slits conceal the stomach and appear flirty

Maxi skirts fully cover the stomach, hips and calves. They are loose and do not cling to the body. Wearing a skirt with a lot of fabric may make the lower half of your body appear bulkier than you would like. Adding a large leg slit to a maxi skirt disrupts the flow of the fabric and allows some skin to show through.

The division of the fabric also allows the skirt to accentuate your curves, which is always a plus if you have curves that you want to show off. This slit will add a modern and flirtatious touch to your look and will surely draw attention away from your tummy.

Which skirts for women with a belly – Tips on how to style a leg slit maxi skirt:

  • Style it with heels or platforms: If you wear a skirt with a side slit, heels lengthen your legs and create a slim look. Flat shoes make you appear shorter. On the other hand, a maxi dress with flat shoes is suitable for the beach or a pool party.
  • Complete the look with a sheer top and consider wearing a pretty scarf with it
  • Think about it, transparent pantyhosen to wear to make your legs look extra smooth.
  • If you want to look elegant, avoid eye-catching jewelry, gaudy heels or an overly youthful appearance. Opt for high-quality jewellery, elegant heels and a classic hairstyle.

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The pencil skirt isn’t just reserved for a small waist

Attractive skirts for chubby women with a belly - a pencil skirt with a mermaid hem is ideal

Attractive skirts for chubby women with a belly – pencil skirt with a mermaid hem is ideal. The beautiful outer curve at the bottom of the pencil skirt is not only feminine and flirty, but also draws the eyes down to the lower body. The volume created by this curve compensates for the larger tummy and is a playful and flattering detail.

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What Skirts For Women With Bumps – tips on how to style a pencil skirt with a mermaid hem:

  • Choose a textured fabric: Believe it or not, the fabric you wear can accentuate or hide your tummy. Soft fabrics, such as cotton, hug the body but can also accentuate a large belly. Instead, choose textured or firmer fabrics that hold their shape, like denim or tweed. These fabrics will flatter your tummy and make you look slimmer.
  • Monochromes Outfit: A monochromatic outfit is incredibly stylish and classy. It also has the added benefit of making you appear taller and slimmer because the one color unifies the figure. Try playing with similar shades of the same color and different textures in the same outfit. It makes your outfit more interesting.
  • Be creative and combine a cropped sweater over a longer shirt to create a stylish look achieve a layered look.
  • Long scarf: When in doubt, use accessories to your advantage! In this case, try a long scarf that covers your upper stomach. It also adds a touch of color and texture to your outfit.

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