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Merchants who decide to replace their cash register with one that complies with the new rules introduced by the government will be able to have a facilitation for what concerns the purchase. But let’s see in detail what it is, who can request this bonus and how it works.

All those who have abusiness and they will decide to change their own cash register with a new one, thus adapting to the new rules which have been introduced with regard to the transmission and the registration of the data for purposes tax, they will be able to have a facilitation – the so-called Bonus for automatic cash registers.

This is a support measure that works like tax credit and which was made official byRevenue Agency. Il bonus could cover al 100% expenditure incurred by exhibitors, but let’s see together how it works.

Cash register bonus: the beneficiaries

In order to access the bonus The exhibitors they will have to comply with the legislative decree 36/2022 as regards the provisions on the subject of data transmission to the IRS as well as a new way to be able to participate and access the receipt lottery. All merchants who decide to replace their own cash register to adapt to the new provisions, they will then be able to apply for the bonus.

Cash register bonus: how it works

In order to take advantage of the Automatic cash register bonuses you will need to use the compensation through f24, following the procedure that can be carried out electronically through the portal of theRevenue Agency. The operation can be carried out at the time of the first VAT payment after payment of the invoice, which certifies the replacement of the cash register.

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All the requirements to access the registrar bonus

In addition to making a replacement of your own cash registeradapting it to the new legislation, it will also be necessary to be able to certify that the payment was carried out through a modality traceable – and therefore by debit or credit card, by prepaid card or by bank transfer.

Revenue Agency: tax news

Operators must be aware of the novelty introduced in the matter of transmission Of data and communication toRevenue Agency, also considering the changes introduced recently. That’s why it’s needed check periodically the section “Electronic invoices and electronic fees on the website” of the Revenue Agency.

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