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who will receive the new recall from September

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who will receive the new recall from September

With the arrival of Omicron 5also in Italy i contagion from Covid-19 in recent weeks. As new cases increase, the government begins to prepare for the autumn and it does so by thinking about the vaccination campaign which will return to life between September and October.

The government plan the fourth dose (which for some will actually be the fifth) will arrive in July. The idea is that the new administration is about over 50with the hope of being able to administer i bivalent vaccineseffective against both the original virus and Omicron.

Pending decisions on the vaccine, however, the latest data from the Gimbe Foundation mark an important one increase in infections in Italy: + 58.9% in the last week. Admissions also rose (+ 14.4%) and intensive care (+ 12.6%). In 16 provinces the incidence of infections exceeds 500 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The good news, however, is that deaths have not increased – rather, they are decreasing.

The government’s plan: who will be vaccinated from September

The first decision that the government awaits is the one concerning the population group to be vaccinated. Today the fourth dose it concerns only the elderly and the frail, but by autumn it will probably not be enough. At the same time, however, it seems that the government does not want to focus on a new vaccination for everyone, deeming another administration useless to most young.

The executive’s idea is to start immediately with one new booster dose – for some it will be the fourth, for others the fifth – for all the over 50: we are talking about 27.7 million people, as explained by the Republic. Of these, 92.8% received at least two doses, while 83.4% of them also received the third. There new dose in the fall it will probably also be administered to frail under 50s.

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Which vaccine will be given in the fall

For the moment, the EU has asked to stop deliveries scheduled for July and August to pharmaceutical companies: the doses in the warehouses are sufficient. Those doses could be replaced by new vaccines, the bivalent ones. The hope of the EU is that those updated and prepared for both the original virus and Omicron will already be available in September.

It would be vaccines designed against Omicron 1while those based on Omicron 5. In any case, all experts agree, vaccines against Omicron 1 will also be effective against all other sub-variants.

Vaccine, where the administrations will take place

Now that the commissioner structure led by Figliuolo no longer exists, the vaccination campaign in autumn it could go differently than in the past. Many Regions have abandoned most of the hub, although it is likely that someone will reopen in October. But it seems certain that the new campaign will focus heavily on family doctors.

The annual booster of the vaccine

Then there is another novelty: linguistic and substantial. In September there will be no talk of fourth or fifth dose or booster, but simply of recall. Because? The idea is that the lure becomes annual, especially for those who are most at risk, just like with the flu. September could be the first annual recall and no longer after a few months, as has happened so far.

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