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Why buy supplements when concentration and memory can be naturally enhanced like this?

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Whether it is work, study or other reasons, nowadays there are many areas in which it is required to have memory and concentration of steel. It is true that technologies can often come to our rescue thanks to specific applications that solve numerous problems. However, the need to train and maintain one’s cognitive skills remains intact. So why buy supplements when concentration and memory can be naturally enhanced like this?

Fundamental help comes from the right foods

Keeping concentration levels high when carrying out a particular activity often allows you to optimize the time available. Let’s imagine a student preparing for a university exam. Or, a cook who has to keep thousands of recipes in mind. Here it is easy to understand how every day we can find ourselves faced with situations that require the use of excellent concentration and memory. An important help certainly comes from the eating style we adopt.

There are foods that are perfect allies of the brain and that contain precious substances for many cognitive functions. For example, a very valuable nutrient for memory is phosphorus which can be found in a number of very common foods. We have indicated what they are and the daily requirement in the article: “A mine of phosphorus in these foods to quickly boost memory and brain”. While it is important, nutrition alone is not enough to boost memory and concentration.

Why buy supplements when concentration and memory can be naturally enhanced like this?

As with many brain abilities, memory and concentration also require training. It may seem strange, yet one of the first steps in improving your skills requires eliminating the sources of distraction. By starting to reduce distracting stimuli, you may already experience the first big results without any particular changes in your routine. To date, one of the main distractors could be the smartphone. It will have happened to many, during a study or work session, to get distracted by the sound of a message, an email or a notification.

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A very recent scientific study has shown how telephone distraction has a correlation with increased emotional worry. Difficulty controlling the time spent on the device, attention diversion affect emotional worry. This level of activation thus leads to use the device even in potentially dangerous situations, such as driving a vehicle.

These data testify that in some situations avoiding similar distractors can improve concentration and memory. So when you work or study, you could keep your device in another room if you don’t need it at the time. Or, you could turn on features that prevent sound or screen lighting when you receive a notification. By intervening only on your electronic devices, it will be easier to maintain high levels of memory and concentration.


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(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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