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Why do headaches always come at the same time?

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Why do headaches always come at the same time?

Il headache has a specific time where does it arrive? A group of American researchers has tried to answer this question by analyzing 72 studies covering a period of fifty years. The study group focused on circadian rhythms. Simply put, it is our body’s internal clock, which regulates many conditions, such as the release of important hormones.

Research from the University of Texas has found that each type of headache tends to have a specific time. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Neurology.

Headache has a precise timetable: what are circadian rhythms

All the studies analyzed had as their theme the link between different headaches and circadian rhythms, which are calculated over a 24-hour period. It is to be clear about the sleep / wake or light / dark cycle. The results have shown that the change in the rhythms of life imposed by these cycles can cause headaches. That’s why they generally always show up at the same time.

Weekend headache

The most classic example is the weekend headache. Migraine sufferers usually wakes up on Saturdays and Sundays with a headache. You usually wake up later, you don’t go to work. The main causes in this case are the change in wake/sleep rhythms, the decrease in stress because we can stay at home and in those who drink it, even coffee abstinence.

Headache has a specific time: what happens with migraine

In a general sense migraine depends on circadian cycles more or less in 50% of cases. It usually strikes during the day between late morning and early evening. However, there do not seem to be causes related to the change of seasons.

Cluster headache

The involvement of circadian rhythms in those suffering from is even higher cluster headache. In these cases more than 7 out of 10 patients complain of a link with light/dark rhythms. Cluster headaches occur between 8pm and 4am. Here the experts have also found a correlation with the seasons. The worst would be spring and autumn. In the southern hemisphere, however, they are more frequent in summer and winter.

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Headache has a precise timetable: the therapeutic indications

These results are particularly important because professionals could intensify therapies precisely in the periods in which headaches have a greater frequency. Lately, the possibility of administering the drugs before the attack is paving the way. The research of the Texan experts could give a more precise indication for this therapeutic path. We remind you that these are drugs with even important side effects and that no one can think of doing it yourself, but only under the strict observation of a specialized doctor, such as a neurologist.

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