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Why do we feel so tired when the weather is very hot and muggy? – breaking latest news

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Why do we feel so tired when the weather is very hot and muggy? – breaking latest news

by Cristina Brown

High temperatures combined with high humidity rates are often the cause of fatigue because electrolyte imbalances and drops in blood pressure can occur

When it’s very hot, especially with high humidity levels, it’s easy to feel very tired even if you haven’t done anything in particular during the day.

This condition especially affects those suffering from low blood pressure or, on the contrary, hypertensive: in fact, traditional antihypertensive therapies, when it’s very hot, can become excessive and therefore should be adjusted and modified if necessary, asking your doctor for advice.

Electrolyte imbalances

But why do we feel so tired?

With excessive heat, the thermoregulation system of the body (which must maintain a constant temperature of 37 degrees) alters and goes into alarm, triggering the reactions needed to dissipate the excessive heat: first of all, sweating.

The heat therefore causes dehydration and an increase in body temperature: it is necessary to be able to reintroduce the lost liquids and to lower the body temperature as much as possible.

The loss of mineral salts through sweat, with an insufficiently adequate replenishment (in particular of magnesium and potassium) can be responsible for electrolyte imbalances with more or less severe dehydration which involves muscle fatigue, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and lowering of blood pressure. arterial.

Why does humidity worsen the sense of tiredness?

When humidity is very high, sweat does not evaporate quickly and body heat is therefore not eliminated effectively.

To allow for greater dispersion of body heat, our body dilates the surface blood vessels and this frequently leads to a drop in blood pressure which makes you feel particularly tired.

Why are the elderly suffering the most?

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In general, the delicate thermoregulation mechanisms are able to compensate for the imbalances that the sultry heat waves cause.

However, these mechanisms are less efficient in the elderly and in those suffering from some disease and taking drugs.

What can be done to prevent heat fatigue

What can you do to prevent heat fatigue? First of all, the pressure should be measured to verify that the values ​​are within a normal range.

At the table it is correct to follow a varied diet, with the right amount of mineral salts and vitamins.

It is important to drink enough water, possibly with mineral salts supplementation, especially if you practice outdoor sports.

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