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Why eat a persimmon a day for digestion, Alzheimer’s, bezoar, and high blood sugar? Incredible

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Eating too many persimmons can be bad for digestion. They have fisetin which could help those with Alzheimer’s. Many persimmons can cause bezoar formation which can lead to gastric obstruction. One a day helps your blood sugar which can otherwise cause spikes.

Too many persimmons are bad for digestion?

They contain large amounts of pectin. When this substance meets gastric acid, it agglutinates into a fibrous mass, causing epigastric pain and indigestion. Since pectin has an astringent effect, it is not advisable to take persimmon on an empty stomach. Eating no more than one a day eliminates all these problems. People should be careful not to eat a lot of them. Consuming an excessive amount can cause very negative effects.

Do persimmons help Alzheimer’s?

They contain fisetin which is an antioxidant that reduces Alzheimer’s related memory loss. Oxidative stress paves the way for cell damage, especially at the DNA level. And as a consequence of diseases such as cancer, some degenerative diseases and premature aging of the skin. Persimmon has been shown to neutralize reactive oxygen species responsible for DNA damage. The extracts of its leaves prevent the proliferation of colon or blood cancer cells and have promoted their death by apoptosis.

Do persimmons cause bezoar?

A bezoar is a solid mass of undigested or partially digested material, usually found in the stomach. It could cause a block. Ingesting huge quantities of these fruits can cause this complication to form. The tannins and indigestible fiber content combine with stomach acid to form a hard mass. People can eat this fruit in various ways. To eat persimmon on its own, people can cut them into slices, in half by stripping them of the pulp with a spoon, or eat them like an apple.

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Are too many persimmons bad for blood sugar?

They are not recommended for those with high blood sugar due to their high fructose content. The secret to reconciling fruit consumption and blood sugar sufferers is to select those products that contain less sugar and have a low glycemic index. One persimmon a day may not cause much trouble for those with high blood sugar. Here are the benefits that these fruits bring:

  • They counteract cholesterol.
  • They promote diuresis.
  • They help in fatigue.
  • They strengthen the immune defenses.
  • They have laxative properties.
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