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Why is it strongly discouraged for general users to install the iOS 16 developer beta now?

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Why is it strongly discouraged for general users to install the iOS 16 developer beta now?

Apple announced its latest mobile operating system, iOS 16, at WWDC 2022, and the company aims to release the official version sometime this year, but an early developer version, iOS 16 Developer Beta 2, is already available for download. Although people say that it is a “developer beta version”, many ordinary users who are rushing for new features can’t wait, but in fact, the author strongly does not recommend ordinary users to download.

Why is it strongly discouraged for general users to install the iOS 16 developer beta now?

Downloading the developer beta will give you a sneak peek at features Apple revealed during its keynote earlier this month, including an improved lock screen with widgets and easier customization, as well as editing and unsending messages in messages. text, view saved Wi-Fi passwords in settings, and more. But since iOS 16 is still in an early state, downloading the developer beta isn’t worth it for most people. If you’re an app developer, downloading this version of iOS gives you an early look at the specifics of the next-gen operating system. But most people should wait until the first stable release of iOS 16 later this year (probably around the launch of the iPhone 14 series in the fall) or if you absolutely crave early access, consider the July public beta.

If you’re still itching, I outline three main reasons why you shouldn’t download and install the developer beta.

For starters, the iOS 16 developer beta is for a fee

If you want to follow the legal channel to install iOS 16 on your iPhone now, you must first register as a member of the Apple Developer Program, for individual developers you must pay $99 per year to obtain developer qualifications, for developers to That price point is definitely worth it because you get early access to beta software downloads and apps, which helps build your apps in a more polished way.

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If you’re a hobbyist or a pure Apple fan, the subscription price might be worth it, but for the vast majority of people, paying close to $100 a year for underdeveloped software isn’t a small sum of money if you want to. To try out stable new features, it is recommended that you can wait until the public beta version of iOS 16 is released in July, instead of paying for a half-set system for the developer program now.

Developer beta of iOS 16 restricts access to certain features on phones

Suppose you decide to pay for the Apple Developer Program and download and install the developer beta of iOS 16 on your primary iPhone, and use it every day to send and receive text messages, check email, and browse the web. As with every developer beta, these early iterations of iOS 16 have bugs and bugs that can make software or some features difficult to use, and even if the first developer beta didn’t encounter many bugs, the next version will not. Probably other errors surfaced.

This is not to criticize the software itself, because all systems and software developer betas will have such problems, which are normal. Most (not all) of these bugs should be fixed when the general release or public beta rolls out, and you shouldn’t install the iOS 16 developer beta on your iPhone unless you’re prepared to deal with the inconvenience caused by such issues , especially if it’s your main phone for everyday use.

It may not be possible to go back to iOS 15 without deleting data

If you have already upgraded to the iOS 16 developer beta, suddenly there is a problem that makes you feel too inconvenient, or you are not satisfied with the earlier version and hope to go back to iOS 15, unless you have a backup of iOS 15 before the upgrade. file, otherwise the only way to get it back is to factory reset the iPhone. While this will get Apple’s most recent update, it may also permanently delete some important data and settings from the phone.

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Before downloading and installing iOS 16, make sure you have a backup created while running iOS 15. You can do this through iCloud on your device, but Apple only keeps one backup archive for one device at a time, so if a future update takes its place, there’s no guarantee that the original iOS 15 backup will work, especially since most iCloud backups are is done automatically when you sleep. As an extra precaution, you can also create an iOS 15 backup using iTunes on a Windows computer, Finder on a Mac, and save that backup locally as a backup file that you can use to restore your device to iOS 15 and restore it to iOS 15. Leave most of your personal data and settings unchanged.

In fact, on a larger level, whether it is iOS, iPadOS, macOS or watchOS, as long as you have no development requirements, the safest case to try new functions is to use them after they are released from the public beta. At this time, you can at least ensure The system has a certain stability, and the number of bugs has been greatly reduced, and the use will not affect normal life.

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