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Why running makes cellulite worse: word to the experts

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Why running makes cellulite worse: word to the experts

The activity of running is unfortunately not useful for circulation and cellulite: here are the methods to remove this problem.

Racing (Pixabay)

That of run it is a very useful and advantageous activity for many reasons. However, running cannot be able to counteract all problems: this sporting activity is not in fact able to do well to anyone who has circulation problems or cellulite. For the circulation, the impacts with the ground during the race are very harmful, with the lactic acid that does nothing but worsen the situation. Cellulite can be resolved instead through some physical exercises. As is known, it is an alteration of the skin tissue that ends up compressing the capillaries that are responsible for blood circulation, thus preventing at the same time the elimination of all waste substances from our body. So let’s see below the best ways to fight it.

The effects of running on cellulite

Running cellulite
Racing (Pixabay)

In order to succeed in counteract cellulitea very effective remedy consists of physical exercises such as squats and lunges, which are also useful for circulation problems: squats are excellent for burning fat, while lunges are able to strengthen the thighs and buttocks above all. In addition to these two exercises, however, there are many other sports activities that can lead to weight loss and improved circulation.

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Among these we can, for example, mention the walk quicklyto be done at least three times a week and can improve blood pressure, and the bicycle or stationary bike, which can lead to muscle toning and lowering the risk of injury. Other important activities are then the I swimsuitable for people of all ages, lo yogawhich leads to relaxation of the organism and improvement of posture, and al pilateswhich promotes muscle firming.

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Returning to the question relating to corsa, this is by no means ideal as the impact with the ground leads to the thrust of the blood along the walls and to the swelling of the blood vessels with consequent stagnation of liquids. You can still solve the problem by paying attention to your own Power supply: It is important to try to avoid fatty foods as much as possible such as sweets, candies, snacks, cold cuts and fried foods, on the contrary favoring foods that can improve circulation such as plums, strawberries, black olives, dark chocolate or even coffee.

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