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Why Skoda cars cost so little and real reliability, quality but also problems based on tests and owners

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Why Skoda cars cost so little and real reliability, quality but also problems based on tests and owners

Skoda is a car brand of Czech origin, founded in Plzen in 1923. After an initial phase dedicated to the production of luxury cars, in the 90s it established a collaboration with Volkswagen, which eventually led to the acquisition of Skoda as part of the group .

Today, Skoda stands out for producing robust and reliable vehicles and has increasingly focused on safety and reliability, establishing itself as a leader in the automotive sector. Thanks to the affiliation with Wolfsburg, Skoda has embarked on a path of innovation in the electrification sector, and plans to launch its first completely zero-emission range by 2025. Let’s dive into it now:

  • Auto Skoda between quality and real reliability

  • Problems experienced by tests and owners with Skoda cars

Auto Skoda between quality and real reliability

Skoda stands out for the production of quality, reliable and long-lived cars. For those on a limited budget, the ideal choice is the Skoda Fabia, while for more sought-after performance, the Skoda Kamiq is the recommended solution.

The turning point for Skoda occurred in 1991, when the brand became part of the Volkswagen group. Thanks to the investment and development of the last three decades, Skoda has grown from a regional market leader producing around 200,000 vehicles annually to a global player delivering over 1.24 million vehicles in more than 100 countries alone. in 2019.

While renouncing certain style details, Skoda focuses on reliability and concretenessmanaging to maintain competitive prices for its cars.

Skoda is cheaper compared to Audi and Volkswagen because the latter only produces certain parts of the vehicles rather than the whole car. As a result, some characteristics may be similar to those of Audi and Volkswagen, but not all. This is reflected in a lower price for Skoda cars than Audi or Volkswagen.

Skoda is not a luxury car brand. Many tend to compare Skoda to Audi, Bmw Mercedes, but it doesn’t fall into the same category. However, Skoda is equally reliable offering a good level of comfort. According to JD Power, for example, Skoda is among the most reliable car brands on the market, registering fewer problems per 100 vehicles than BMW. Also, parts and repairs are generally less expensive for Skoda than for most luxury car brands.

Skoda Octavia has successfully maintained the 5 star rating in Euro Ncap crash tests, even after the introduction of new and stricter evaluation criteria. The brand’s best-seller earned a total score of 81%. Under the new and more stringent test criteria, the fourth generation of the Skoda Octavia successfully defended the 5 stars obtained in the Euro NCAP crash tests, clearly confirming its reputation as one of the safest vehicles in its class. The new assessment will be valid throughout the European Union, the United Kingdom and Norway until the end of 2028.

Skoda Octavia it achieved a remarkable score of 86% for the protection of adult occupants and 84% for the protection of child passengers, out of a maximum score total. When it comes to standard safety assistance systems, the Octavia has seen an improvement over 2019, increasing from 79% to 81%.

Problems experienced by tests and owners with Skoda cars

Recalls are technical procedures mandated by automakers to identify and resolve any design flaws, component anomalies, or problems emerged during the production of the vehicle. The checks and any reset operations are carried out free of charge by the manufacturer’s authorized assistance network. They also show up during road tests and car owner trials.

Owners of potentially defective vehicles receive a formal notice inviting them to take the vehicle to an authorized workshop. Carrying out the checks is essential, above all for safety reasons: recalls are issued by the manufacturer to prevent dangerous situations.

Skoda Karoq e Kodiaq. It was found that the weld joining the brake pedal plate to the corresponding lever may not have been performed correctly. In order to avoid the risk of the two components separating under stress, making braking effectively impossible, the vehicle can be checked free of charge at any of the manufacturer’s authorized workshops.

Skoda Citigo. The possibility has been identified that the towing eye, which is found in the on-board tools and is screwed into the appropriate seats in the front and rear bumpers, was made with an inappropriate welding process, reducing its strength. The traction forces could cause it to break, with the consequent risk of accidents.

Skoda Octavia. The top model of the Czech brand has an overload of the ABS and ESP control unit could deactivate these two important electronic control systems. A formal notice has been sent to the owners of the 3,774 affected examples inviting them to have the vehicle inspected check in an authorized workshop.

Skoda Superb. The DSG gearbox control unit Dual clutch with six gears has a potential instability issue that requires reprogramming. In some examples, the control system detects clutch overheating following excessive stress, even if the actual temperature is within normal limits and no obvious anomalies are found. To solve this situation, the control unit activates the protection mode, reducing engine power. In order to solve this problem, the ECU must be reprogrammed.

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