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Why you always ate your breakfast eggs at the wrong time

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Why you always ate your breakfast eggs at the wrong time

Eggs provide protein and nutrients and are quick to prepare. But if you’ve been eating eggs primarily for breakfast, you should reconsider. Researchers found that eating eggs at a different time helps you lose weight better.

If you want to lose weight, you can achieve your goal faster with a protein-rich diet. Protein stimulates the metabolism and contributes, among other things, to maintaining and building muscle.

One food is particularly good as a source of protein: eggs. However, the breakfast egg is not the best choice for people who want to lose weight.

Why do Germans like eggs so much?

Eggs are healthy and can be prepared in many ways. This makes them a popular breakfast dish. They also keep you full for a long time and can therefore also prevent food cravings.

Due to the high protein content, eggs are also an ideal weight-loss snack. Depending on its size, an egg contains around six grams of protein.

eggs for breakfast? D rather not!

Most know eggs in all breakfast variations. Whether it’s a hard-boiled egg, omelet, scrambled egg or poached egg – many people eat this food primarily in the morning. Eggs can have even more positive effects at a different time of day.

Lose weight with eggs: This time helps

According to an American study, you should eat eggs especially in the evening to lose weight. On the one hand, animal proteins are generally easier to digest than plant proteins and should therefore be eaten more in the evening to ensure a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand, the body needs a lot of energy, especially when sleeping, to break down the protein. This stimulates fat burning and the pounds fall off by themselves.

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Eggs also help you sleep better. The large amount of protein in the eggs ensures that the blood sugar level does not fluctuate. This leads to a deeper and calmer sleep.

That many eggs a week is healthy

Eggs have long had an unjustified bad reputation. The misconception that eggs alone raise cholesterol levels persists. However, researchers have now been able to refute this.

Cholesterol levels are more likely to increase because eggs are often combined with unhealthy foods – and these foods, in turn, raise cholesterol levels.

However, if you are healthy, you can safely eat up to six eggs a week. For example, if you make yourself an omelet from three eggs twice a week in the evening, you don’t have to worry about your health.

If you want to switch from the breakfast egg to the “evening egg”, there are many ways to prepare it, for example an omelet with fresh vegetables. Frittatas are also a great way to make eggs for dinner.

But eggs are also good as a pure snack and are a suitable substitute for carbohydrate-rich snacks such as bread or sweets.

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