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Why you have to chew the orange peel: here is the reason, crazy

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Why you have to chew the orange peel: here is the reason, crazy

Orange is one of the most eaten and loved fruits of our diet because it is rich in various vitamins that are good for our body. But do you know that if you chew the orange peel you will be able to donate further benefits to your health? No? In the next paragraphs we explain why.

Why you have to chew the orange peel

Orange is one of the citrus fruits richest in Vitamin C and for this reason it is always good to eat it, but the orange does not only contain this vitamin, but also many other substances that are good for our body, among these there are potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A also vitamins of group B.

Many of these substances many do not know that they are present in the peel and for this chewing the orange peel can be extremely effective for our well-being.

Chewing orange peel, for example, is very effective in treating stomach ailments, respiratory problems and disorders of the oral cavity as well. Let’s explain in detail what it can be used for.

Why chewing orange peel is good for the oral cavity

Chewing the orange peel is good for the oral cavity because it increases the hygiene of the apparatus helping to overcome the problem of bad breath.

This happens thanks to the presence in the peel of purifying, sanitizing and antibacterial properties, which prevent ailments such as gingivitis and periodontitis by counteracting the formation of bacteria and plaques.

Treats stomach ailments

When you suffer from heartburn or even nausea, chewing the orange peel can be an excellent ally to counteract the aforementioned ailments.

The credit must be attributed to the massive presence of fibers contained in the citrus peel, which helps digest more regularly and also stimulates the intestine by emptying it of waste.

Eating orange peel in this precise case is recommended for those who suffer from constipation or diarrhea.

Because it is a good remedy for respiratory problems

Cough, sore throat and cold will have numbered minutes if you start chewing the orange peel, but this if combined with the medications prescribed by your doctor.

So an effective natural remedy that can help but cannot be effective alone, always needs to be accompanied by medical therapy in these cases.

Thanks to the presence of Vitamin C, the peel protects against bacteria and viruses by strengthening the immune system.


However, there are some cases in which it is not recommended to eat orange peel and this refers to people suffering from hyperacidity.

It is also essential to know that you must use organic oranges, otherwise you would run the serious risk of eating a peel of this citrus chock full of pesticides and chemicals.

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