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why you should eat them every day. Outstanding health effects

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why you should eat them every day.  Outstanding health effects

Kiwis: eating them every day would be really recommended. The sensational effects on our health are so many

Kiwi: very important properties for our body from Pixabay


The kiwi is basically one berry edible from the Actinidiaceae family. There are two variety different kiwifruit, which differ mainly in color: one green, the other yellow. It is a fruit which is actually marketed all year round, but the ideal time to buy kiwifruit “of season”Is from November to April. Rich in properties with a thousand effects benefits on our organism, the kiwi turns out to be particularly suitable for an intake dailywhich would favor a series of special benefits that we absolutely cannot ignore. But let’s find out more.

Kiwi: all the benefits for our health

sliced ​​kiwi
All the properties of kiwifruit: prodigious fruit from Pixabay

As we have already said, the kiwi is a fruit (edible berry), his particularity it lies precisely in its taste. Famous for its flavor refreshing and sweet at first glance, but with a sour aftertaste, whichagreement young and old. As we know it contains very many property, essential for the well-being of our health. First of all, it must be emphasized that kiwis are rich in nutrients and we remind you that its use is also very frequent in cosmetics. In fact, there are many products for treatment of the body and hair that contain extracts of this magnificent fruit. In fact, it turns out to be a element very precious for hair care, precisely because it is rich in vitamins and properties capable of regular the production of sebum on the scalp.

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Kiwis are rich of magnesium, potassium, vitamins C and E, iron, copper and fiber. Very suitable for sportsmen for its high potassium content and very low sodium content: this combination limits the onset of cramps. Being rich in vitamins, theincidence on the immune system, which would be stronger than ever. It has a lot of effects positive also on the mood, as well as being valuable to fight free radicals and skin aging.

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Thanks to the high content of fibrekiwis are ideal for the well-being of our intestine, and a very useful natural ingredient against constipation. Furthermore, its very precious antioxidant functions favor the salute of our heart, limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also excellent ally to control the level blood pressure, even if it is strongly not recommended the hiring, in case you are already providing with one therapy pharmacological, as it could interfere with the success of the latter. In short, a ally fundamental and altogether naturalvery precious for our well-being.

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