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Wild Lucarelli attacked, Di Blasio’s gym dissociates from him: Immediately measures

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Roberto Di Blasio’s gym distances itself for the attack on Selvaggia Lucarelli: “The Gym Palace wishes to completely dissociate itself from what happened”.

Roberto Di Blasio is the man who attacked Wild Lucarelli at the ‘no green pass’ event which was held on Saturday at the Circus Maximus in Rome. He is one of the two partners of Gym Palace of Manziana, a town north of Rome near Lake Bracciano. The sports facility distanced itself from the incident with a long post published on Facebook: “The Gym Palace gym wishes to totally dissociate itself from what happened and strongly reiterates its repudiation of any form of violence and discrimination”. For this, it continues, “immediate measures” will be taken.

“Our gym has always taught and proclaimed the values ​​of sport in which we firmly believe: 1) Work 2) Respect for others 3) Sacrifice 4) Health 5) Fair and honest competition 6) Respect for the rules. The members, the instructors, the patrons all repudiate and stigmatize all forms of violence, bullying, discrimination and strongly reaffirm respect for each individual and for the rules imposed by the authorities beyond individual ideologies. provisions of the authorities to guarantee the best safety conditions for our members and we have worked constantly to improve and improve ourselves “, reads the long post published on the Facebook page of the gym. And again: “We live on Sport, therefore on rules, values ​​and passion, elements that we bring every day to the lessons of every sport practiced in our structure and we sincerely hope that the media pillory resulting from the behavior of an individual does not involve the work of many people who put their heart and passion every day to offer not only an excellent service but a place where the value of discipline and respect for others hovers. Thank you all for your closeness because you all know how much this unjustifiable business is damaging the image of our structure. The Gym Palace is all of us. The Gym Palace is empathy, respect, passion, love for sport and for sharing its values ​​”.

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Di Blasio’s apologies: “I’d like to apologize to Lucarelli”

“If I had recognized her I would have gone, because I do not accept provocations. It was a slip of the tongue (raptus, ed), I’m sorry, it’s not in my nature. At sixty I start doing … If I had the opportunity to I would apologize to meet you. If you report me, you are right. I was one of the first to be hospitalized. I am not a no vax, the vaccine is fine, the green pass is fine. I take blood thinners, I’m afraid, “Di said. Blasio during an interview with Domani.

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