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With a clever trick you can cook potatoes in just 3 minutes

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With a clever trick you can cook potatoes in just 3 minutes

Potatoes are one of the most popular side dishes and are enjoyed by many people. However, cooking can take time. We’ll show you a simple trick that will make potatoes soft in just three minutes.

Regardless of whether they are jacket potatoes, gratin or puree: you always have to cook potatoes. However, this can take half an hour. However, there is a useful trick that allows you to prepare the potatoes as soft as butter in just a few minutes. For this trick, all you need is a few kitchen towels, water, and a microwave.

Cook potatoes in just a few minutes – that’s how it works

First wash the unpeeled potatoes and then peel the tubers. However, the trick also works with a shell, so the latter is optional. If you decide to use potatoes without peels, here is a trick to easily remove them. Now moisten the kitchen towels and wrap each potato with a cloth. In the next step, put the potatoes in a container and put it with the potatoes in the microwave for three minutes at a power of 700 watts. After the three minutes, check whether the potatoes are cooked or not. If the potatoes are not yet soft enough, just give them another minute in the microwave. Otherwise, the potatoes are now ready and ready to eat.

Be careful with the kitchen roll

However, not all kitchen towels are suitable for the potato trick. As ÖKO-TEST has discovered, numerous kitchen towels contain traces of chloropropanol 3-MCPD and other organohalogen compounds. These substances can promote allergies and accumulate in the environment.

Well-known brands such as Zewa, Hakle and Rossmann are also affected. You should stay away from Budni kitchen towel recycling, as the laboratory results even exceed the specified guideline values. For example, if the potatoes come into contact with the contaminated kitchen towels, the harmful substances can pass into the food. You can read the detailed test report including test results for a fee at ÖKO-TEST.

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