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With facial recognition to enter the car, the Great Wall arrives in Europe

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Orders at the end of 2021 and first deliveries expected in mid-2022: thus begins the journey of the Great Wall, the industrial giant of the country of the Great Wall (it is the largest Chinese private car manufacturer) in Europe. And the landing is expected in grand style: a plug-in electric maxi SUV and a small electric city car will arrive immediately. All with a new generation of car brands: the premium one Wey and the young Ora.

“From self-learning artificial intelligence to 5G and high-speed computing power – explain to the Great Wall – our new brands benefit from 30 years of experience and the innovative power of the parent company Gwm. We are the Chinese market leader for premium SUVs and the industry leader in smart grid design, as well as pioneers in the research and development of key technologies such as 5G, Autopilot and V2X (vehicle to anything) ”.

Coffee 02 on the Great Wall (afp)

The first model presented is the Wey Coffee 01: a plug-in SUV. It has something of the Jaguar F-Pace (the habit of copying is hard to die …) but sports a driving platform called “Coffee Intelligence”, which is an artificial intelligence-based system that combines interactive cockpits with hybrid driving and smart connectivity. . To put this into perspective, the Coffee 01 is the first mass-produced car to incorporate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, which provides high-speed computing power. Key 5G technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, facial recognition, personalization, augmented reality display and 14 ” infotainment display make Coffee 01 the technology leader in mobility.

Here is the diversity of these models which, suddenly, become the ones that bring smartphone technology into the car. A small example to understand the speech: the artificial intelligence of Wey Coffee 01 actively learns and is always updated via updates over the air. Finally, the engine is 135 kW and can push Coffee 01 up to 100 km / h in about 7 seconds, reaching up to 135 km / h, powered by a 41.8 kWh battery.

In short, this would be enough to make the Great Wall debut great news. But there is more. And it takes the form of the Ora Cat, a compact electric that combines retro design with quality hardware and intelligent information technology. Depending on the type of battery, it has a range of up to 400 km but it does not matter: what matters is that as standard this city car has numerous assistance systems “never seen before in the medium-low segment” they claim at Great Wall, stating that “a next-generation Intel chip for intelligent driving delivers high-speed computing power. A Highway Assistant system and artificial intelligence for automated parking make driving the Cat particularly comfortable: Automated Reverse Assist uses a camera to record up to 50 meters of travel, allowing the car to automatically reverse parking, which makes parking particularly easy in narrow streets. For the first time in this segment, a 5 mm wave radar, 12 ultrasound radars, 4 cameras for 360-degree vision and a high-perception front camera for intelligent guidance are available as standard. And if we then add facial recognition to get into the car, we can understand the level of innovation that Great Wall wants to bring to the small segment.


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