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With prolonged heat, I risk swollen legs all year round – Healthcare

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With prolonged heat, I risk swollen legs all year round – Healthcare

There are no longer ‘ally’ seasons for the legs for the approximately 20 million Italians who suffer from venous insufficiency. A very significant portion made up predominantly of women, but which also concerns 15% of men affected by venous stasis, in fact have this problem all year round due to the averagely high temperatures.

“The heat, in fact, exacerbates the symptoms of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, a chronic pathology caused by the difficulty of the blood in returning from the peripheral veins of the legs to the heart. A problem mistakenly considered only aesthetic which instead requires attention and care” , states Alessandro Frullini, honorary president of the Italian Phlebological Association. “In particular, heat-related edema is the result of an abnormal accumulation of fluids in the tissues which causes the dilation of blood vessels and the weakening of the small valves that regulate them. the flow in the vessels, making it difficult for the veins to pump the blood towards the heart”, explains Edoardo Cervi, scientific director of the Italian Phlebological Association (AFI), specialist in Vascular and General Surgery and author of a study which has demonstrated how a new a mix of bromelain (a complex enzymatic mixture extracted from both the pulp and the stem of pineapple, with an anti-inflammatory effect) and liposomal vitamin C, if associated with regular movement and a balanced diet, low in salt and rich in water, has a strong impact in reducing edema.

The results of the work, just published in the International Journal of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, show that just one administration per day is enough to benefit from the maximum effect that is usually obtained with two doses of bromelain daily. “Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs affects around 30% of women, but not even men are immune, even if they tend to ignore and underestimate the problem – underlines Cervi -. In fact, 15% suffer from swollen and painful legs. of the male population”. However, the incidence of venous insufficiency increases with age, especially in women: between the ages of 20 and 30, it affects 20% of women and 10% of men, while after the age of 50, men remain unchanged at 20 % and in women, with the arrival of menopause which causes a weakening of the blood vessel, this rises to 50%. In practice, among the over 50s, 1 in 2 suffers from venous insufficiency.

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“Often linked to family history, the main risk factors for venous insufficiency are obesity, smoking, a sedentary lifestyle and the presence of postural pathologies – observes Cervi -. The heat can worsen the condition, causing vasodilation of the entire circulation venous. This means that the veins of the legs, already affected by venous insufficiency, suffer even more due to further enlargement, also favored by the stagnation of liquids caused by slower drainage. A healthy diet and physical movement are therefore essential regularly, with very simple exercises, walking, cycling or even an exercise bike, rotating the ankles and doing ‘gentle’ stretching which can provide relief from swelling”.


1. Reduce salt consumption: sodium can increase water retention. The suggestion is to replace it with aromatic herbs 2. Keep yourself well hydrated to reduce fluid stagnation 3. In the evening, before going to sleep, raise your feet by placing them against the wall or a chair 4. If you already suffer from venous insufficiency, wear compression stockings to help the blood flow back towards the heart 5. Keep moving by walking, cycling or doing an exercise bike 6. Take frequent cold foot baths, aiming the shower jet at the ankles and rising towards the groin

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