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with the new building, the University is increasingly in the center of Rimini

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with the new building, the University is increasingly in the center of Rimini

Study rooms, offices and a hyper-modern gym. The university is increasingly in the center of Rimini. In the idea of ​​the city and also symbolically. The new building in Piazza Malatesta makes its debut, a complex destined to become a point of reference for university students. Given that a stone’s throw from Castel Sismondo you can study and play sports. The inauguration of the new headquarters took place on Thursday (March 27) in the presence of the highest city authorities at the invitation of the rector of the University of Bologna Giovanni Molari. Where once there were the techno-pole laboratories, now moved to via Dario Campana, there will thus be a lively environment all day long, dynamic and with activity. The Alma Mater has acquired a part of the building owned by Uni.Rimini on free loan, thus participating in the renovation works. The re-functionalization of the site has foreseen a total investment, jointly supported by the University and Uni.Rimini, of over 1,100,000 euros. A commitment that goes in the direction not only of providing the university community with services in an integrated manner, but also of reducing the rental costs incurred by the University for the activities on the Rimini Campus.

The rector: “The university is increasingly in the heart of the city”

“In the opening of these new spaces – says the Rector of the University of Bologna Giovanni Molari – many of the objectives and strategic guidelines that characterize the action of the Alma Mater throughout its Multicampus are achieved: an ever closer interaction and collaboration with the city administrations and with the support bodies, in the belief that only a joint commitment allows for the achievement of ambitious results; an ever stronger interpenetration between the university community and the city community, so that the presence of the University is ever more clearly perceived as a growth factor for the benefit of the whole community. I thank all those who made this result possible: the Municipality of Rimini, Uni.Rimini and Cusb. We consider this milestone as the pledge of the many common actions that we will be able to undertake in the future, for an ever more harmonious growth of the Rimini Campus and of the city that hosts it”.

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NEW GYM – A hyper modern gym with a view of Castel Sismondo

The mayor: “A jewel overlooking Castel Sismondo”

“An innovative space that unites the university and the city in one of the symbolic places of Rimini, at the service not only of students but of all Rimini residents – declares the mayor of Rimini Mayor Jamil Sadegholvaad -. It is evident that the focus, even symbolic, of this inauguration is the enhancement of the Rimini Alma Mater campus, with an investment in the heart of the city, in an urban and cultural context of great value and charm. Well-being, sport, as well as research and the right to study are two strategic assets that characterize the university presence in Rimini and which today, through the new study room and the Alma gym, find a new, characteristic union in the historic center ” .

The premises of Uni.Rimini are located on the mezzanine floor of the Plesso Malatesta. It is 140 square meters in which there are offices and meeting rooms where workshops and training activities can also be held. While the upper floor is entirely dedicated to sporting activities.

“We are very pleased to be able to make these two important spaces available to the university community of the Rimini Campus – declares Simone Badioli, President of Uni.Rimini – the study room and the gymnasium, which meet the demand for services and meeting places of our more than 5,000 students. Furthermore, in this way we have supported the University of Bologna in the important objective of reducing the costs of renting spaces. In fact, with this investment it will be possible to save around 100,000 euros a year in rents for the same services, previously spent by Uni.Rimini and the Campus”.

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The study rooms

It is also located on the mezzanine floor the study room with over 40 seats which are added to those of the other 4 reading rooms of the Central Library of the Rimini Campus and the study room located in the Hotel Palace Residence, the latter made available thanks to the collaboration with ER.GO. The new Malatesta study room, equipped with wifi connection, will have extended opening hours, from Monday to Friday (12 hours for most months of the year, from 8.30 to 20.30) to meet the needs of the various types of students university students. In each station it will also be possible to connect electronic tools to support the study (PC, tablet, smartphone).

“I express great satisfaction for the inauguration of the new complex – says Alessia Mariotti, President of the Rimini Campus Council – and in particular for the services that will thus be guaranteed to the students of the Campus. The new Malatesta study room is also located in a prestigious position in the heart of the city, in a square that is a symbol of Rimini’s renewed image”.

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