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With the Rai fee, Italians finance plurality

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On the season finale of his Rai 3 show Le Parole Gramellini addressed the audience with a greeting which, unlike in previous years, does not have much of the flavor of a goodbye. The journalist did not comment on the matter, but did not give up a few words on public service information.

In the chaos of schedules Rai, the names continue to fall one after the other like dominoes. The last face that one would say, is ready to jump is to Massimo Gramellinithe reporter and host who runs the show The word in the Saturday early evening slot on Rai 3.

The season finale of Le Parole

At the end of the season, Gramellini addressed the audience with a greeting which, unlike in previous years, does not have much of the flavor of a see you next season. As TvBlog recalls, May 28, 2022 in fact, the journalist had made an appointment with viewers, assuring that he would return to TV after the summer, but this time it was not like that. Roberto Vecchioni hinted at a possible flood return in the autumn, accompanied by a “Perhaps” which found very little following from the others present in the studio. Gramellini did not express himself on the matter, but he did not give up a personal opinion on the information role of the public service.

The words of Massimo Gramellini at the end of the programme

My word is ‘public’”, the reporter began. “In seven years you have become so many, but never like this year have we felt the existence of a sentimental connection. You feel this program as a small part of your life, I realize it when I meet some of you on the street. For us, there could not be a more beautiful compliment”, said the conductor as if to close the circle of a journey that has come to an end.

But “public” also means public service. Allow me to thank the much mistreated Rai. Beyond and above the appetite for power to which it has been the subject since its birth, this company is full of extraordinary workers, technicians and managers. I’ve been lucky enough to work with many of them.” Finally, Gramellini spent a few words with an apparent allusion to the fear that the plurality of information for public television may be lacking in the coming season:

A great RAI manager of the past told me that a public service does not consist in having all the stories of reality within the same programme, but in the possibility of choosing several programs that tell reality in different ways. Each spectator, by paying the license fee, finances not only his own freedom of choice, but also that of others. He pays for the newsstand where each of us goes to read the newspaper he wants. We have the ambition to be one of those newspapers.

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