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with the update it is the best fitness tracker 2021

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Officialized in April, Fitbit Luxe was already one of the best fitness trackers of 2021. Now, however, with the latest update released by Fitbit, it is a serious candidate to be the best fitness tracker 2021, assuming it is not already: the Always on Display and the measurement of oxygen in the blood, SpO2.

Two features that can make the difference for the user during the purchase phase, when he finds himself evaluating different proposals with different functionalities. In short, it is clear that this is not a simple firmware update but one that is capable of change the cards on the table between Fitbit Luxe and the competition. Thus, the smart band of the Google-controlled company possesses all the functional features announced at launch and is proposed as one of the best or perhaps the best choice of its kind. For aesthetics, on which the designers have worked a lot, and for completeness technical and functional.

Fitbit Luxe, the news of the update

With the latest firmware update marked version 1.151.6, Fitbit Luxe gains the Always on Display (AoD) that was promised at launch, i.e. that function that with minimal battery consumption always shows key information such as the time, the remaining time of a timer or the most important parameters during training, and which is made possible by the type screen Fitbit Luxe OLED.

Once the update is installed, to enable AoD just activate the option Always active display O Always on Display within the settings dedicated to the screen. You can also set one time slot outside of which AoD is deactivated.

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The other most important innovation introduced by the latest update on Fitbit Luxe, also promised at launch, is the measurement of blood oxygen saturation during the night. SpO2. The data relating to the parameter are shown in the box dedicated to scrolling up with the fingertip from the clock face, or in the section Health metrics O Health Metrics dell’app per Android o iPhone.

Fitbit Luxe, as done

Fitbit Luxe it is a more compact and economical device than the classic smartwatches of the company but which benefits from all (or almost) their functions. Consequently there are continuous heart rate monitoring, stress management score, sleep monitoring or skin temperature detection.

These are all possibilities that enrich the Health Metrics, a section of the smartphone app that allows you to have an overview of your well-being by crossing the data from the sensors. For sport Fitbit Luxe proposes 20 training modes, including spinning, tennis, golf or pilates, complete with integrated GPS that guarantees precise monitoring of activities such as running or cycling that tend to involve outdoor movements.

In fact there is everything you could want from a device of this type, for some there is even more than necessary: ​​it has a display AMOLED 0.76 inch, upright and set in a stainless steel case. It resists water, up to a depth of 50 meters and connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth to communicate the data detected by the sensors, but also to show notifications on SMS, calls, emails and calendar.

Fitbit Luxe is characterized, however, above all by the excellent design, materials and build quality. The price of this fitness tracker is the right one, for the quality and functions offered: it starts from 148 euro.

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New Fitbit Luxe - Black / Graphite Stainless Steel

New Fitbit Luxe – Black / Graphite Stainless Steel

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