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with these sports you reduce the risk by 35%

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with these sports you reduce the risk by 35%

Are you afraid, in the future, of developing the much feared prostate cancer? With these sports you reduce the risk

It seems that, according to what has emerged from new research, there is an effective and above all potentially effective way to reduce your risk to develop prostate cancer over the years.

Well yes, it might seem incredible to you to say the least, but in reality it is all true. So if you want to protect your health, then all you have to do is continue reading with us. Sport, in fact, could take on a completely new role in your eyes and a relevance that should not be underestimated.

Again according to what emerged from this new research, in fact, it seems that practicing physical activity on a regular and above all constant basis can have significant beneficial effects on our health but above all it can have completely unexpected implications. In fact, we even talk about a reduction of even 35 percent regarding the risk of contracting prostate cancer only by regularly practicing intense physical activity. On the other hand, we often talk about how adequate physical exercise can positively influence and significantly on our health.

When we talk about prostate cancer, in fact, we are referring perhaps to one of the most feared and above all widespread types in the world male population over fifty. Suffice it to say, in fact, that in Italy this type of tumor affects around 37 thousand people and can kill up to seven thousand. Without a doubt, among the main risk and incidence factors we find advancing age and clearly familiarity. However, there are also other elements that are fundamental to say the least, such as conditions of obesity, exposure to environmental pollution factors, an unhealthy diet and little exercise.

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Returning to talk more specifically about sport, a very important piece of data emerged from this study: men who followed regular physical activity throughout their lives, in fact, managed to improve your cardiorespiratory function and above all to reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer by up to 35 percent. In short, not only can we obtain short-term benefits thanks to sport, but also especially in the long term.

Specifically, what we could define from this perspective as the most functional sports and which therefore could have a greater positive impact on our health. According to what emerged, therefore, the type of physical activity recommended is intense, and therefore through sports such as jogging, hiking, swimming, skiing and finally dancing.

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