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Woman has a 42-kilo ovarian tumor removed by Mangiagalli surgeons: she was deemed inoperable

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A 49-year-old woman underwent surgery at Mangiagalli in Milan to remove a 42-kilo tumor. to the ovary Two other facilities had said it was now inoperable.

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Last year, a woman from 49 years old she realized she had ovarian cancer due to an apparently unmotivated weight gain. After undergoing some checkups, she had discovered a tumor mass that had reached i 42 chili. Deemed inoperable by two different structures, the surgeons of the Mangiagalli clinic of the Milan Polyclinic managed to completely remove the tumor and rebuild the abdominal wall that she had had to adapt to that voluminous mass. After a few days of hospitalization, the 49-year-old returned home to continue the checks.

The tumor declared inoperable

“When I started gaining weight I didn’t pay much attention to it“, Rachele had told the doctors, “I never had pain until I started breathing and walking with great difficulty”. In a short time, the 49-year-old had started to gain weight passing da 78 chili a 120.

After a series of checks, including a gynecological visit, she discovered she had ovarian cancer and that it had grown dramatically. The situation was so serious that two different medical facilities told her that it was now inoperable.

A few days ago, however, she underwent removal surgery at the Mangiagalli clinic. It lasted throughout four hours and was performed by Fabio Amicarelli, Paola Colombo and Massimiliano Brambillasurgeons of the Complex Structure of Gynecology directed by Paolo Vercellini, with the support of Joseph Sofiahead of Anesthesia and Intensive Care.

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“After the operation I couldn’t believe it”

“When I woke up after the operation I couldn’t believe it, I was very happy and very grateful“, commented Rachele who has returned to weighing 78 kilos as before the appearance of the tumor, “I was given a chance to continue to live next to my daughter and to see her grow. ” She remained under observation for a few days, then the 49-year-old returned home, outside Lombardy, where she will continue the checks for her pathology.

The doctors who performed the operation explained that it was necessary to remove the right ovary and rebuild the abdominal wall. “The tumor, together with its appendages, weighed approximately 42 kilos, a very rare occurrence“, they declared, “the patient coped very well with the surgery and was discharged in good health.”

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