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Woman sets on fire during treatment in Thai clinic

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Woman sets on fire during treatment in Thai clinic

Woman set on fire during treatment in Thailand

A woman from Mexico, known as Game, experienced a horrifying incident while undergoing a traditional treatment in Thailand. What was supposed to be a healing process for digestive problems and menstrual pain turned into a nightmare as she ended up engulfed in flames and suffering severe injuries.

Game had traveled to Bangkok to undergo a treatment called Phao Ya, which involved the use of herbs to alleviate her health concerns. However, during the procedure, the ingredients used in the treatment were set on fire with a tea light, causing the flames to quickly spread throughout her body.

Despite the doctor’s negligence, Game’s partner and a nurse at the clinic acted quickly to put out the fire and rescue her from further harm. She was then taken to the hospital, only to be disappointed when the clinic refused to cover the expenses, leaving her to face the burden of costly medical bills alone.

After two months of treatment and ongoing injuries, Game continues to face the financial and physical challenges resulting from the clinic’s negligence. Despite her efforts to seek compensation, the clinic has refused to take responsibility for the damages caused.

The incident has not only affected Game’s health but has also impacted her ability to work and maintain her daily life. As the case continues, she remains in ongoing treatment and faces the repercussions of the clinic’s failure to address the situation.

The disturbing incident serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and responsibility in healthcare settings, and the need for individuals to receive proper care and support in such situations.

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